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GUYANA – LATEST NEWS – 25 October 2015

GUYANA – LATEST NEWS – 25 October 2015  –  Kaieteur News 

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Sluggish economy did not start five months ago – President Granger

OCTOBER 25, 2015 | By Leonard Gildarie – warns of long haul on recovery route — The new coalition Government is fast approaching six months in office and it has not all been honeymoon. The economy is continuing its struggles from a string of poor performances at the sugar estates (with a hint of fortunes reversing), falling gold prices and […]

“It wasn’t me!” GRA emailgate was Nandlall and Sattaur thing – Jagdeo

OCTOBER 25, 2015 | By Abena Rockcliffe  — Former President Bharrat Jagdeo recently urged the new government not to use the all important Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) to get information on entrepreneurs. That can have serious repercussions on the economy and can cause citizens to lose trust in the system, he said As he made such a plea, the Opposition […]

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Freaky Flowers – Echinopsis Cacti in Bloom – video

Freaky Flowers – Echinopsis Cacti in Bloom – By  EchinopsisFreak   

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Published on Mar 28, 2015 –  A montage of a dozen types of Echinopsis cactus flowers blooming. And wilting. And just generally showing off their mind-blowing colors. My favorite cactus flowerings from the 2014 blooming season.

Echinopsis cactus flowers bloom overnight and the flowers last for only a day. Actually, the flowers are at their peak beauty for an hour or two at the most. That’s what turned me from a cactus enthusiast into a cactus photographer … the desire to try to preserve some aspect of their freaky beauty. Prior to becoming an Echinopsis addict a few years back, I had never owned a DSLR or image/video editing software.   Continue reading


Download:  DIASPORA TIMES OCTOBER-Final for circulation

Diaspora TimesContent:   PAGE 3: Not a blade o’ grass     PAGE 4-5: Extracts from President Granger’s address to the UN      PAGE 6-8: Venezuela File      PAGE 9: Chronicle calls out PPP     PAGE 10-11: Amerindians owned it      PAGE 12: Development & the Diaspora      PAGE 13: The President, Prime Minister, Vice Presidents & Ministers       PAGE 14: How much money does a politician need?       PAGE 15: Government’s turn to trust the people.       PAGE 16-17: Do we know where our children are?       PAGE 18-19: How Diaspora improves children’s education.      PAGE 20: If it was wrong then, it is wrong now.      PAGE 21-22: New hope for unity …      PAGE 23: A goobie is not a calabash      PAGE 24-25: Remittances      PAGE 26: Guyana’s transformational leadership      PAGE 27: What our readers write.      PAGE 28: Guyana news summary.  Continue reading

GUYANA – Capitol TV News Videos – 23 October 2015

Capitol TV logoGUYANA – Capitol TV News Videos – 23 October 2015

  • Former PM Hinds son sentenced
  • Gun crackdown
  • More missing funds
  • Anti-venom medication in stock
  • Christmas vending mixup
  • Sports

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