Halloween – The Witch and The Tree – by Peter Halder

Halloween – The Witch and The Tree  –  by Peter Halder

      Warraboola the Witch lived in an underground cave in the large area of thick woods some distance from the oak trees lined main avenue of the city.

Long tresses of grey and black hair reached down from the top of Warraboola’s head to her waist. On her head was a black, broad-rimmed cone shaped hat. Her long narrow face was adorned with thick grey bushy eyebrows, black steely eyes, a long, thin crooked nose, a wide mouth with thin lips and a long narrow chin. Her two ears were long and narrow like two antennas. She had long hands, with long fingers and long claw-like nails, Over her narrow bony body she wore a long-sleeve black dress that reached to her ankles. She had on long black boots. She sat in an old fashioned rocking chair smoking a corncob pipe. The puffs of smoke that rose from it gave the cave an evil and dreadful odor.  

As the wicked Warraboola rocked back and forth, evil thoughts flowed through her mind.

“Tomorrow is Halloween and I have to get me a nice, fat young child for my dinner. The main avenue will be filled with children at night going from house to house in the thickly populated area on their ‘trick or treat’ walk. Some will move around with their parents but sometimes, there may be just two walking together for security. I cannot walk about as a witch and dressed like this so I have to find a way in which I will not be seen or noticed and I will be near enough to the sidewalk to grab a child. I think I should visit the area and form a plan to grab me a tasty child for my special Halloween Dinner just like ordinary people have a special dinner for Thanksgiving and Christmas. The more I think about it, the more I am convinced I should visit the area tonight when it is dark and dreary and no one is out and about.”

At midnight, Warraboola rose from her rocking chair, put away her corncob pipe and went to her bedroom. She took from a closet a Magic Broomstick and her Magic Wand.

Outside, she sat on her Magic Broomstick and waved the Magic Wand. She whispered silently:

Magic Broomstick and Magic Wand

Obey the pointing of my hand

And take me to the main avenue

For me to look at and review.

The Magic Broomstick took her in the direction in which her hand with the Wand was pointing and set her down behind a tall wide oak tree that lined the avenue at the end of which was an Elementary School. She took her time and looked around and a smile covered her ugly, wizened bony face. She had a crafty, evil plan for Halloween Night that was bound to succeed. She licked her lips in anticipation of the her forthcoming dinner.

It was Halloween Night. The traffic of children along the avenue and side streets, with their plastic bags filled with chocolates, sweets, cookies and candied apples,was heavy until eight o’clock when it began to thin off. Most children were warned to be home by eight o’clock.

Warraboola flew on her Magic Broomstick to a spot she had already chosen. She sat on the thick branch of a large oak tree  and looked down at the ebb and flow of children on the sidewalk of the avenue. She kept her eyes peeled about a hundred yards away for any pair of children with no adults accompanying them. She soon saw a pair headed her way.

She flew down from the branch to the ground and placed the Broomstick and Wand at the back of the tree.

Standing directly behind it, she whispered magic words and immersed her body into the trunk of the tree. Her two hands became the two branches at either side. Her two black eyes peered through the trunk to the sidewalk.

The two children came walking innocently along the sidewalk. Just before the special tree was reached, one of the girls complained that the laces on her tennis shoes became unloose, bent down and began to open and tie them again. Her friend Gina walked ahead. When she was next to the tree, the two branches, reached out, one over her mouth and the other grabbed her and pulled her inside the tree trunk. The witch quickly reached down and picked up the Broomstick and the Wand and pulled them inside the trunk as well.

Kiyah finished tying her shoe laces and looked up. Gina was nowhere to be seen, She began to cry and shout for help. A crowd soon gathered and helped her search up and down the avenue, behind the line of trees along the sidewalk and along the side streets. Gina had completely disappeared.

A friend telephoned her parents who came and joined the search. Dad used his Cell Phone to report their daughter’s disappearance to the Police Station.

About two dozen people remained on the sidewalk near where Gina disappeared.

The Pastor of a Church about six blocks away heard the crying and shouting. He walked to the roadway and was told what happened. He look along the tree lined avenue and as he studied them he noticed something peculiar. The branches of all the trees were waving to and fro due to a strong breeze in the area, except for one. The Pastor smiled. He walked back into church and collected a two-feet long wooden crucifix .

Holding it, he walked to the unusual tree and touched its trunk with the crucifix while praying.

There was a loud scream from inside the trunk. It suddenly broke open and Warraboola the Witch sitting on her Magic Broomstick and with her Magic Wand in hand, flew from it. screaming and shrieking up and away into the sky and soon disappeared from sight.

Gina’s parents rushed to the open trunk and saw their daughter Gina in it fast asleep but safe and well. Dad lifted her out. The parents thanked the Pastor, the Police and the crowd and took Gina home.

Good conquers evil.


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  • Philip  On 10/23/2015 at 3:48 pm

    Enjoyed it – thanks for sharing!!

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