GUYANA – LATEST NEWS – 23 October 2015

GUYANA – LATEST NEWS – 23 October 2015  – – Kaieteur News 

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Previous Govt. waived US$303M on vehicles, other items in 2014

FULL STORY | – Auditor General report   – The 2014 report of the Auditor General has finally been released and its findings are raising shocking questions over the amount of money the previous Government was waiving on vehicle duties. GRA’s head,Khurshid… […]

Billions siphoned off from Transport and Harbours Dept. in 2003-2007

FULL STORY | By Abena Rockcliffe|  – Min. Patterson tells Parliament – Major discrepancies have been found in a few of the Auditor General’s reports on financial statements of the Transport and Harbours Department over the years 2003-2007. Minister of… […]        … See more article links below ……

$962M unlawfully spent without meeting criteria – 2014 AG report

FULL STORY | By Kiana Wilburg   -The 2014 Auditor General’s (AG) Report has once again flagged the inappropriate use of the Contingencies Fund under the previous administration, as $962M was withdrawn without meeting the specified criteria. Auditor General,… […]

Jagdeo still avoids declaring wealth

FULL STORY | | The Opposition Peoples Progressive Party (PPP) has drafted a motion in the National Assembly, looking to have Members of Parliament declare to the public their tax returns to the Guyana Revenue Authority for the past 10 years, Opposition Leader… […]

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