VENEZUELA – Letter to the editor – By Eusi Kwayana

eusi Kwayana -in 2014

Eusi Kwayana

VENEZUELA – Letter to the editor – By Eusi Kwayana

Dear Editor,

A situation fraught with danger arose in the Southern Caribbean when the Venezuelan government in its May decree sought to violate Guyana’s territorial integrity and by marshalling troops on our border sought to subdue us by intimidation. This crude adoption by reflex of the colonizers’ tactics is all the more regrettable on wider considerations as it suggests a decline in quality at the leadership of the Bolivarian revolution.

There is other, less established but persuasive evidence that elements of both the Venezuelan military and civilian leaderships have spoken disrespectfully  of the Guyanese population in terms of  their  religion  and  their colour.  

People are generally pleased with the patriotic stand of the Guyana government at home and abroad and citizens wherever  resident *** are  alerted.

The Guyana opposition PPP’s statement of  June 8, 2015 denounced  President Maduro’s May decree and in particular objected that  the decree  would convert   Guyana into a landlocked country. In the same statement, the PPP also declared for the first time in public that for its 23 years in office it had defended Guyana’s territorial integrity. The statement implies that Venezuela had contempt for the shared sense of patrimony in our troubled nation and had hoped for concessions that the PPP, though otherwise friendly, would not give.

The PPP’s recent declaration should inform any closet   expansionists in positions of influence that  the logic of their  claim  is a  foreign  military tyranny over Guyanese. Who was it that wisely said in the 19th Century, “A people that oppresses another cannot itself be free”?

This month in 1953 

British troops landed in the then British Guiana to dismiss an elected unity government of the descendants of enslaved and indentured. Five of us, active eye witnesses, representative of the history, and including the poet and intellectual, Martin Carter, were detained without   charges.  After some some strange hesitation the Venezuelan government honoured  Jai Narine Singh, one of the ministers deposed by the British, while he  was  in Caracas  on a protest mission to South  American countries. Jai Narine Singh had published a book  in Spanish, “Towards Independence.”

In 1963 as cries for Impendence were raised, the opposition in Venezuela invoked the territorial claim with the unspoken agreement of the government of that country.  Here in Guyana only a faction saw long term significance in that to the development of Guyana.  The two mass political leaders, unfortunately publicly took comfort in the fact that the invoking was the act of an opposition party.

For the limited purpose of this brief comment, one constitutional issue  remains.  It is whether or not the PPP in those 23 years of its testimony had alerted the opposition through the Leader of the Opposition of the true state of foreign relations.

Yours respectfully,

Eusi Kwayana

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  • De castro  On 10/19/2015 at 4:51 am

    Interestingly honest synopsis of “foreign affairs” diplomacy.!
    Saber rattling aka fear and intimidation is but cheap political opportunism.
    Using nationalism as the WMM.(weapon of mass motivation).

    Observe the behaviour of a rat when cornered. MADuro.🐀

    The clever will seek a distraction to make his escape.🐺

    Why were troops despatched to BG ?
    As peace keepers or invaders or ?

    In 1962 Britain had a very authoritian regime in power…..
    PM Mc Millian “Tory” ….who “conspired” with Kennedy
    to remove Cheddi who was deemed a “commie”.

    Jailing you guys may have saved your lives……

    Ways I view historical facts.
    My friend you are a true patriot of Guyana.
    Our papal friend Francis should bless you…..or I shall.
    You are rewriting history of di father motherland.
    Write on brother.

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