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Guyana Ex-Police Association Brunch – November 8, 2015 – Toronto ON


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My Brother/Sister,
            On behalf of the President and Officers of the Guyana Ex-Police Association of Canada,
I extend to you an invitation to attend our Annual REMEMBRANCE BRUNCH, on Sunday November 8th, 2015 at the Rembrandt Banquet Hall, 930 Progress Avenue, Scarborough, Toronto. ON. Canada.
Please join us as we pay our respects to our fallen comrades who have passed after giving service to their country and the world at large. Please contact either myself or members of the committee for your tickets.
Looking forward to seeing you there,
Bro. Gordon Collins,
Secretary, G.E.P.A.C.

Europe’s Migrant crisis: Tensions rise as Balkan path blocked + maps & videos

Europe’s Migrant crisis: Tensions rise as Balkan path blocked

Top 10 origins of people applying for asylum in the EU

BBC News – 19 October 2015 –– Tensions are building among thousands of migrants heading north through Balkan states as their route to Western Europe is stalled by new controls.

Croatia had asked its northern neighbour Slovenia to accept 5,000 migrants daily, but Slovenia said it would only take half that number.  The move has led to a build-up of people on Croatia’s border with Serbia.   Continue reading

GUYANA – LATEST NEWS – 19 October 2015

GUYANA – LATEST NEWS – 19 October 2015

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Latest News Headlines – Kaieteur News – 19 October 2015

GCCABC 2015 Xmas Brunch – December 6, 2015. Richmond BC Canada

GCCABC 2015Xmas

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GCCABC 2015 Annual Xmas Brunch – December 6, 2015. Richmond BC Canada

Boys will be boys – hopefully! – By Dennis Nichols ‘Countryman’

VENEZUELA – Letter to the editor – By Eusi Kwayana

eusi Kwayana -in 2014

Eusi Kwayana

VENEZUELA – Letter to the editor – By Eusi Kwayana

Dear Editor,

A situation fraught with danger arose in the Southern Caribbean when the Venezuelan government in its May decree sought to violate Guyana’s territorial integrity and by marshalling troops on our border sought to subdue us by intimidation. This crude adoption by reflex of the colonizers’ tactics is all the more regrettable on wider considerations as it suggests a decline in quality at the leadership of the Bolivarian revolution.

There is other, less established but persuasive evidence that elements of both the Venezuelan military and civilian leaderships have spoken disrespectfully  of the Guyanese population in terms of  their  religion  and  their colour.   Continue reading

Blue Sky for Black America – By Rosaliene Bacchus

Three Worlds One Vision

Book Cover - Blue Sky for Black America by Jesse Rhines

Book Cover: Blue Sky for Black America:
100 Years of Colored People in Western Utopian Literature
by Jesse Rhines Ph.D

The book, Blue Sky for Black America: 100 Years of Colored People in Western Utopian Literature, captured my interest as a lover of science fiction. Based on his early experience as an IBM Systems Engineer Trainee, the author Jesse Rhines applies IBM’s “blue sky” utopian approach to formulating its hundred-year projection in addressing urban hopelessness among underclass Black youth. He argues that hopelessness, a future oriented condition, requires a future oriented solution.

To facilitate this process, Rhines analyzes one hundred years of Western Utopian literature featuring Black Americans. Beginning with the pre-World War II period, he examines two classic futuristic novels by Edward Bellamy and Aldous Huxley. Blacks remain servants and are depicted as backwards, uncivilized, and rapists.

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