Georgetown eyesore to be torn down – Mall-like facility with boardwalk to replace dilapidated stelling

The section of the Stabroek Market stelling that will be torn down by the end of this month. (Delano Williams photo)

The section of the Stabroek Market stelling that will be torn down by the end of this month. (Delano Williams photo)

Georgetown eyesore to be torn down soon – Mall-like facility with boardwalk to replace dilapidated stelling

THE dilapidated stelling of the Stabroek Market is to be torn down soon, Town Clerk Royston King said yesterday, and it is to be replaced with a mall-like facility, complete with a boardwalk and entertainment area. The portion of the stelling which faces the Demerara waterfront, has been an eyesore for years for the thousands who use the speedboat service every day. The sight of the ramshackle stelling, with zinc sheets dangling dangerously since a section of the roof caved in a year ago, is also what greets those coming in on cruise and other ships which use the Georgetown docks.  

A vendor sits under this part of the Georgetown stelling which is to be torn down shortly to make way for an ambitious new project. (Delano Williams photo)

A vendor sits under this part of the Georgetown stelling  (Delano Williams photo)

 The collapse of a portion of the roof two Septembers ago did not affect business, with many stallholders determined to hold on to the spots they have occupied over the years, and for some, decades.

“The facility is not only an eyesore, it is ruinous and dangerous to the health and lives of persons who use it,” King said.
The structure could come down before the end of the month, King said. The project is being undertaken in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Infrastructure.

He said that in order to facilitate the demolition of the building and the construction of a new facility, vendors would be moved to the parking area behind the Guyana Fire Station alongside the Route 31/32 bus park. The parking area would be moved to the front of the Stabroek Market, which is being resurfaced for that purpose.

The town clerk said those who occupy the stelling to carry out business were given written notices that they will have to relocate, but the vendors denied this. They said they did not even receive a visit from city officials.
One vendor who did not want to disclose her name said the stelling has been her only way of generating income for her family over the past 18 years.
The woman expressed shock over the news of vendors being relocated, since it is almost the Christmas season which is the prime business period.
Another vendor, who gave her name only as Mrs Joseph, said that her stall was damaged when the Stelling collapsed last September.
“I would be happy to move, but these people should have given us vendors a three-month notice or at least hold off all the plans until next year,” she said.
In distress, the vendors vented their anger and said they are currently in the process of forming a group to represent their interests to city officials.

Mr King said that the move to replace the dilapidated structure with a new facility, is all part of the ambitious plan to renew the face of Georgetown.
Designs are being finalised for the new facility, and the council will be looking to attract the private sector to support the project.

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  • Ron Persaud  On 10/12/2015 at 6:37 am

    When I consider the iconic Stabroek Market Clock – all over the internet – and now, this image from the riverside, I get the enormity of the decline of the city.

  • Gigi  On 10/12/2015 at 3:32 pm

    Good luck attracting private investors in this climate. But the govt could invest the gold US Sam has promised to watch over for them. They just have to make sure that they’re not duped with fool’s gold.

    Ever since Germany began repatriating its gold bars stored in the US, the German govt has had to go through the painstaking process of melting the bars down to make sure the gold was legit because, the identification on the bars were not matching up with theirs. Added to that, they still haven’t received all their gold. It seems that America’s looting of Ukraine, Lybia and Iraq’s gold was not a big enough haul to replace Germany’s stash, so more looting needs to take place. If the Guyanese people seriously believe that Uncle Sam is “helping” them protect/recover their gold they are hopelessly gullible.

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