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GUYANA- Latest News – 05 October 2015

GUYANA- Latest News – 05 October 2015 – Kaieteur News

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Multiple agencies begin probe into source of Jagdeo’s wealth

OCTOBER 5, 2015 |  “Government is very much interested in determining the source of Jagdeo’s wealth among others whose salaries do not seem to match the fortunes they have acquired over the years…” Dr. Thomas Guyana’s anti corruption commission otherwise known as the State Assets Recovery Unit (SARU) has no interest in waiting on the Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo […]

UK Expert alarmed…Guyana has never utilized its anti-money laundering legislation

OCTOBER 5, 2015 |By Kiana Wilburg   —  A UK expert on Asset Recovery is currently gathering information on Guyana’s systems for thwarting corruption as well as examining how much use law enforcement agencies have made of its legislation in this regard. Mr. Brian Horne is appalled at his findings. “I don’t think at the moment there have been any […]   Continue reading

“Rise Up After the Fall” – Poem by Leonard Dabydeen – By Rosaliene Bacchus

Three Worlds One Vision

No to War - Afghan Peace Volunteers

Afghan Peace Volunteers at Borderfree Nonviolence Community Center
Photo Credit: TruthOut (Dr. Hakim)

My Poetry Corner October 2015 features the poem “Rise Up After the Fall” by Guyanese-Canadian poet Leonard Dabydeen. Before migrating to Canada where he is a licensed paralegal, he was a former headmaster and later lecturer at the Guyana Teachers’ Training College. Following his 2012 debut collection, Watching You: A Collection of Tetractys Poems, Dabydeen’s latest collection, Searching for You: A Collection of Tetractys & Fibonacci Poems, was published in September 2015.

The featured poem and the following excerpts are from Dabydeen’s e-book collection, 419 Poems, published in October 2014. While his poetry is mainly free verse, he also works with the modern mathematical poetic forms, tetractys and Fibonacci. Whatever the style, Dabydeen’s poetry lays bare our soul with its longings and broken dreams; its darkness and love’s light.

Written in the first…

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The colour of beauty – By Dennis Nichols (Countryman Stories)

The colour of beauty – By Dennis Nichols (Countryman Stories)

October 4, 2015 | KNEWS -Stories about life, in and out of Guyana, from a Guyanese perspective

Natural Beauty

Natural Beauty

We’re all captivated by natural beauty; most of us at least, whether it’s the grandeur of a vast canyon sculpted by nature, a multi-hued sunset painting the western sky, or a flock of Makonaima’s birds wheeling behind Kaieteur’s crashing veil. But for many of us the beauty we relate to most instinctively is that of the human form, especially of course, (and naturally for men) the female form.

Biblical Solomon gloried in it. Flemish painter Rubens seemed fixated on it. From duels to continental battles, men have fought over it. Some have risen to sublime heights through its inspiration, while it has brought others to the depths of despair and insanity. A woman’s beauty is said to transcend nationality and race; even age. Maybe, but what about that other related variable – colour.  Continue reading

Hinds’Sight – The Real State of Villages …something has to be done fast

Hinds’Sight – The Real State of Villages …something has to be done fast

Dr. David Hinds

Dr. David Hinds

October 4, 2015 –  By Dr. David Hinds

I HAD the privilege of visiting several African-Guyanese villages as part of the Cuffy 250 Committee’s community outreach. During those visits, we got an opportunity to talk to villagers about the state of their communities and their views on contemporary politics. We also got to see for ourselves the real state of the villages; and what we discovered was shocking, even for those of us who interfaced with those villages on a regular basis.

It became clear to us that the change of government removed the lid on a lot of pent-up frustrations. The communities had mastered the art of masking their hurt and neglect.   Continue reading

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