New Book: The Truth About the Crisis in Iraq – by Joshua Ledra

The Truth About the Crisis in Iraq – Paperback – September 11, 2014

The truthby Joshua Ledra  (Author)

Joshua Ledra, born in Guyana, spent ten years in Iraq where he helped in Iraq’s Reconstruction efforts. His stay in Iraq enabled him to experience at first hand the culture and hospitality of the people. In this book the complexity of the crisis in Iraq is discussed for the first time. Ledra uses his knowledge as an engineer to highlight the role of the United States in the rebuilding efforts in Iraq and he offers his unique vision on the possible solutions to the current crisis. 

This is a book that all readers will find stimulating and absorbing and is highly recommended to those who are interested in lasting peace in the Middle East. “Joshua Ledra writes with command on a complex subject. His book on the crisis in Iraq is riveting and offers a new perspective on the instability in the region.

This is a book that politicians, policymakers and ordinary readers will treasure in their collection” Dr. Dhanpaul Narine, Department of Education, City of New York. “The Truth About the Crisis in Iraq” possesses the stentorian ring of authenticity. Joshua Ledra, with ten years on the ground as a leader in restoring the infrastructure of Iraq, has returned with a great first person story and much more.

Nuggets of historical insight on religion, culture and politics transfer directly into the current and future predicaments and directions unfolding in Iraq and surrounding countries. Knowledge is one thing – what Joshua Ledra brings the reader is wisdom. It’s a fascinating read from cover to cover! Rev. Dr. David H. Benke, Bishop/President Atlantic District, LC-MS Pastor, St. Peter’s Lutheran Church Brooklyn, New York “Engaging the World with the Gospel of Hope”


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  • De castro  On 09/27/2015 at 2:41 am

    A must read….just for the “suggestions solutions” aspect.
    Hope Amazon not “sold out”….any writing that is ” high” on solutions is a must read.Thanks highlighting GOL.

  • albert  On 09/27/2015 at 11:49 pm

    For the writers sake I hope the book sells. The story about Iraq has been told several times. What is not written often is the lesson we should learn from the fall of these dictators.
    Hussein kept divided Iraq together. His troops made sure we did not hear about internal conflicts..
    Same action in Libya with Kadaffi. Now we hear neither Iraq or Libya exist as a country. Our dictator in Egypt was removed, for whatever reason, now look at the results.
    Many claim we should have bombed Syria and remove Assad. What would have been the likely result.

  • De castro  On 09/28/2015 at 1:26 am


    Middle East has become more complex politically diverse since the discovery of oil and the wealth it created…oil and its wealth has compounded the class division that existed before……tribal complexities/conflicts.
    Add western interference in its internal affairs and arming different factions
    has not helped either. Left to their own devises “bows and arrows” things would
    And less volatile. Wealth can sometime produce the opposite results intended.

    West must become less dependant on their oil and stop arming them with WMD
    …..some even suggest “nukes” !
    Our world must become less dependant on fossil fuel with switch to less
    destructive energy sources… wave wind etc
    Tribal differences existed since prehistoric times and still exist today in modern world…..adding western influences is like giving an arsonist box of matches.

    Am interested in reading Josua Ledras book from a Guyanese perspective.
    Also he has lived the Iraqui dream for decade…..also on his take on “solutions”!


  • albert  On 09/28/2015 at 11:52 am

    “western influences is like giving an arsonist box of matches”

    There is the dream world of peace and prosperity we would all love to have but there is reality and a future for which we have to prepare. In reality we live in an interconnected world in which what happens in country A could have global consequences. The use of technical knowledge and its mobility makes getting involve in global affairs more crucial.
    An example, to address your point. The US has no real practical interest in Ukraine but if the US and the West stood idle and let Russia walk over that country without impunity, then what message would be sent to the rest of the world, including countries like Venezuela. Strong countries would be more willing to take the resources of weaker ones by force if necessary. It has happened often before.
    The other side of the coin is that each major power has its own selfish global interest. The U.S. in part, driven by corporate greed, wants open markets to sell its products abroad and to sqeeze its competitors. We have to be involve in the mideast for important reasons. For instance with Iran its not about Iran alone. If Iran was allowed to succeed in making a nuclear bomb then several other countries woud follow suit. That would be a real threat to our survival Think of North Korea.

  • De castro  On 09/30/2015 at 11:41 am

    Sorry took so long to respond ……travelling!
    Agree with you partially but must remind you of USA UK s
    actions in IRAQ……Without UN endorsement/sanctioning.
    Sadam invaded Kuwait ….UN was ignored by Bush/Blair
    who invaded Iraq removing Sadam. Look what is left in Iraq.
    Tribal conflict….
    UN are the peace keepers post WW2 by ignoring UN
    and invading Iraq the UN role was compromised as peace keepers.

    UN role as peacekeepers must be upheld.
    They are the mediators. Today Granger and MADuro have been invited to
    “Talks” “face to face” sanctioned by UN.Way forward to avoid further conflict.

    The other issues you raised above will respond to later.

    UK USA RUSSIA CHINA are not peacekeepers……..UN are.


  • De castro  On 10/03/2015 at 8:51 am

    N Korea may have technology to deliver Nukes but doubt if they will ever be allowed to have it. UN s responsibility….not USA UK or EU.
    Why have dog and bark !🐩

    Of course UK USA EU et al must “protest” vigorously but via UN….not becoming involved. Diplomatic channels are available for this purpose via UN s security council……doesnt help when “decision” is made with factions either voting against or abstaining.

    Ways I see it !

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