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GUYANA- Latest News – 27 September 2015

GUYANA- Latest News – 27 September 2015 – Kaieteur News

Granger, Maduro to talk for first time


Head of State, David Granger, is expected to meet with his Venezuelan counterpart, Nicolas Maduro, today on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly, currently being hosted in New York, USA. The two are expected to pursue an amicable settlement to the age-old controversy where Guyana’s western neighbour continues to lay claim to more […]


Public Servants must take leave due to them – Cabinet orders


Senior officials have leave to take them into retirement but still on the job     Public Servants will no longer be allowed to accumulate leave and negotiate for payment in lieu. This is as a result of a decision taken by Cabinet that Public Servants who do not take their annual vacation leave for […]


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QCAAT is hosting the Demerara Gold solo show – Toronto – November 1, 2015

QCAAT is hosting the Demerara Gold solo show on Sunday, November 1,2015 – Toronto
Please see attached Flyer giving all details.
The play is written and performed by Ingrid Griffith, Guyanese now residing in New York. The Flyer also gives a brief synopsis of the story line.

The one-woman show has been performed to appreciative audiences in Guyana (GT,Linden, New Amsterdam), NY (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queen’s), U.K., and Los Angeles.   Continue reading

New Book: The Truth About the Crisis in Iraq – by Joshua Ledra

The Truth About the Crisis in Iraq – Paperback – September 11, 2014

The truthby Joshua Ledra  (Author)

Joshua Ledra, born in Guyana, spent ten years in Iraq where he helped in Iraq’s Reconstruction efforts. His stay in Iraq enabled him to experience at first hand the culture and hospitality of the people. In this book the complexity of the crisis in Iraq is discussed for the first time. Ledra uses his knowledge as an engineer to highlight the role of the United States in the rebuilding efforts in Iraq and he offers his unique vision on the possible solutions to the current crisis.  Continue reading

This broken and twisted economy the PPP has left behind – commentary

This broken and twisted economy the PPP has left behind

Pompous Editorial – Jul 12, 2015 – The Mosquito 

To understand the PPP’s current narrative the economy was like a Bugatti doing 120 on the highway and as soon as the opposition got into power they put it into an immediate, screeching reverse.

After all it’s been ten years of unbridled economic growth! Ashni Singh in January declared that “the people of Guyana have every reason to be proud and optimistic that their country has been witnessing economic growth for almost a decade with every sector showing significant and steady increases.” And even though official figures were not even released prior to May 11, Ramotar claimed GDP for 2014 grew by 4.5%. That’s bullshit as we suggested here.   Continue reading

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