St. Stanislaus College Alumni Association – Toronto – Fall Dinner and Dance – October 17, 2015

Fall Dance final flyer 2015

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St. Stanislaus College Alumni Association – Toronto –  Fall Dinner and Dance – October 17, 2015


PUEBLO Science Volunteers Camp

On behalf of the science teachers of Guyana, we wish to thank the members of the St. Stanislaus Toronto Alumni Association, the local College Association, the Board of Governors of St Stanislaus and the officers of the Ministry of Education for the initiative in engaging the PUEBLO Science volunteers to facilitate a successful Camp.     

Submitted with the compliments of teachers:

  • Marvin Lee – Queen’s College
  • Kezia Bess – St. Stanislaus College
  • Rashanna Murray – St. Stanislaus College

From Wednesday, the 19th to Friday, the 21st of August 2015, five members of the Pueblo Science Organization facilitated a workshop for seventy nine (79) science teachers from forty two (42) high schools at Saint Stanislaus College, Guyana. The purpose of the workshop was to enhance teaching and learning in the fields of Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Engineering by enabling teachers to implement simple experiments in their classrooms.

The five highly enthusiastic and energetic facilitators demonstrated a fresh approach to teaching secondary school science. This workshop was a novel experience to the teachers. All the participants, at some point over the three days clearly demonstrated joy and even amazement at the simple yet fun ways in which science can be taught. It was an exciting three days of practical science.

So what does all of the above have to do with the Saints Fall dance? Well, the Pueblo Science Organization was introduced to the Alumni Association by one of our own executive committee members, Shar Ramsaywack. The Association after meeting with Pueblo Science submitted the project to the College Board of Governors who in turn offered it to the Guyana Ministry of Education and the Ministry agreed to sponsor the major portion of local expenses.

The Toronto Alumni Association in turn sponsored air fares and materials for the experiments to the tune of Cdn$2,800.00, being funds raised from events such as the upcoming Fall Dance.

We are therefore asking for your continued support of our fund raising events and look forward to seeing you on Saturday, October 17, 2015 at West Rouge Community Centre, 270 Rouge Hills Drive, Toronto. Please contact any of the names on the flyer to get your tickets (limited to the first 300) early!

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