New Book: Author Yvonne Sam – Life’s Many Faces

New Book: Author Yvonne Sam Unleashes her Wit and Humor through her Poetries

Yvonne Sam's BookNew book reveals a compilation of poems on various facets of life, political, pedagogical, moral, social and sexual issues

MONTREAL, Canada – Poet Yvonne Sam’s believes in people and hopes for a world where everyone can dwell in harmony and the fact that life is only one end of the fulcrum. In her new publication, Life’s Many Faces, she shows the many aspects of life. She addresses many crucial issues that society face today, using humor and her strong moral convictions to drive her point home.

This book is a seemingly humorous satire on the various faces worn by humans as they navigate the shards of life. The poet’s wit and intelligence is prevalent in the way she explores life in a variety of depths. Each poem is addressed to the person using languages and themes, attitudes and ideas familiar to anyone who had the ability simply to read. When it comes to sexual issues, she injects the ordinary with her own special insights that gives it dignity and authority. Her chief claim in the readers’ attention is moral rather than aesthetic. She retains her keen honesty and directness, poetic sense and ironic intelligence.  

Insights and perceptions into familiar scenarios are cheerful, and on occasions throughout the poems, judgment is given on particular issues.  Nursery rhymes have been given a new and sometimes irreverent interpretation, but the overall tone is distinguished by a lightness of touch. Sam’s works provides new and refreshing way of looking at life, encouraging readers to deal with issues that being human presents. It balances the many facets of life in a humorous and harmonious way, asking questions and providing the answers.

Laced with satire and sharp, humorous wit, Life’s Many Faces teaches an ultimate lesson that one should learn in their journey towards the end. Life has many facets and people should live it with harmony, and live it well because they will never leave it alive.

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About the Author

Yvonne Sam has a M.Ed. in Education from Mc Gill University in Montreal, BSCN in Nursing from Athabasca University, Alberta, and Diploma in Adult Education from Concordia University in Montreal. She also holds the titles of State Registered Nurse, State Certified Midwife and State Registered Mental Nurse from England, having resided there for over thirteen years.

Born in Guyana, South America, she now resides in Montreal, Quebec.  To her literary accomplishments she has won the Editor’s Choice Award from the National Library of Poetry, and has publications in Quill books of Harlingen, Texas. She is also a regular columnist for a Montreal based community newspaper – Montreal Community Contact.

Life’s Many Faces: Fun on the Run* by Yvonne Sam

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Book Review…Revolution through the eyes of a poet


Book: Life’s Many Faces – Fun on the Run by Yvonne Sam
Reviewer: Tatiana Coy writes for Dr. Glenville Ashby’s Literary Services

The moral of a story is learned at its climax or conclusion. Ultimately, we must determine what we have learned from the author’s pen.
Yvonne Sam has written a collection of ballads in “Life’s Many Faces,” conveying a message of positivity, strength and tenacity. A brief synopsis of life’s lessons has been truncated into a collection of poems that can be interpreted by a broad spectrum of readers.

Sam has a repetitive but provocative theme. She is for the people – a politically and socially conscious artist, offering counsel to the young, e.g. African Americans. In Black Youth, Sam says, ”tears are useless for memories you must keep. So move on Black youth, let not your mind tire” and “overtaken by the rages and anger on your head Rise up! Rise Up! And play your part.” She acknowledges the emotions of the black youth while her words encourage them to continue to work hard. The poem affirms African Americans place in society.

Throughout, her poems are an edifice, serving as a strong structural platform for the readers who need motivation and reassurance.  Imagine is reminiscent of the song written by John Lennon, released in 1971, by the same name. It yearns for the world to be unified. There is that quest for a utopian society where there is no apartheid and a world without war and the poor. It is an ideology pursued for centuries that seem unattainable, as close to it as we have gotten with the inclusion of the 14th amendment to the constitution. We still teeter back and forth per presidential cycles leaving us further away from our goal.

Sam’s work is a source for deep reflection. They confront common issues and allow the reader’s mind to drift where it may.
For a moment, she briefly reinterprets long standing literature, especially the classics,  Jack and Jill and Little Tommy Tucker, giving it life and relevance to our time. It is deft and craftily executed. She recreates the rhymes into four stanza poems, questioning “where were their parents, didn’t they care?” and “why did Tommy have to sing for his supper?”  Today, many blame parents for their children’s misfortunes and mistakes. This touches on the absence of parents in today’s society where young children are left to fend for themselves. It seems that another impending gloom overshadows our youth. The metaphor of Sam’s nursery rhymes are succinct and once again can be further extended past its four stanzas, into a book of its own.

“Life’s Many Faces” covers the importance of a friendly gesture, a nice word to create an idyllic society. Encouragement follows hard truths. Taboo topics are trailed by light, almost ethereal poems that simply embrace the potential of humanity. Topics such as the role of the step-mother and the burden she carries when dealing with a step child, and how they are perceived by an outsider, are craftily tackled.

In Step Mother—The Evil Other—she intones, ”step mother to the steps have not given birth still do not deserve the constant heaping dirt…to all the parents some advice I must give: do your best as long as the relationship lives on another fact; let me shed some light; be prepared that you may be alone in the fight.” Sam recognizes that this unique relationship can be perilous for reasons she strikingly spells out.

Yvonne Sam's book -2“Life’s Many Faces” is a well defined book that deconstructs social issues, reexamining them through a refreshing and exhortative prism. Speak, Friendliness and Unity for All to See are just a few of the offerings that reflect a poet of imaginative depth.

In the end we learn the purpose of “Life’s Many Faces.”  For sure, our ills must be treated with Love, the title of the closing poem. And it is this love, its very essence,that will prove to be the catalyst of our redemption.

Life’s Many Faces: Fun on the Run
By Yvonne Merle Sam
Published by XLIBRIS
ISBN-13: 978-1483639994
Available:,, or phone (888) 795-4274 X7879

Ratings: Recommended

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