DIASPORA TIMES NEWSLETTER – August 24, 2015 – An APNU-AFC Publication

DIASPORA TIMES NEWSLETTER – August 24, 2015 – An APNU-AFC Publication

Diaspora Times - August 2015Download: DIASPORA Times AUG. ISSUE-Circulate

Contents:  PAGE 3: The Chinese also came     PAGE 4-5: Approaching Venezuela implosion     PAGE 6-13: Budget 2015    PAGE 14: Cricket and the 50th anniversary    PAGE 15: Learning and Diaspora    PAGE 16: The Search for a better life.    PAGE 17: The Law: Govt. must tread carefully    PAGE 18-19: Racial harmony possible?    PAGE 20: The change that is unity.    PAGE 21: The Legacy    PAGE 22-23: Green City Winds of change    PAGE 24: Where are you from?    PAGE 25: Promised land.    PAGE 26: Why worry?    PAGE 27-28: News Flash.  

Editorial Board:  Chairman Desmond Roberts.  Editor: Frank A. Campbell, Freddie Shivdat, Dr. Lear Matthews, Dr.Rohan Somar, Halim Majeed, Lurlene Nestor. Ave Brewster-Haynes, Hugh Hamilton

Contributors: Frank A. Campbell, Dr. Lear Matthews, Dr. R. Evan Ellis, Desmond Roberts, Oscar Ramjeet, Paul Sanders, Joshua Chowritmootoo, Sharma Solomon, LouAnn Gross, Eff A. See.

Photographs: Gordon Moseley. Graphic Design & Layout: Claire Ann Goring, Ashton Franklin

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Send your letters to the editor to diasporatimesnews@gmail.com

Download: DIASPORA Times AUG. ISSUE-Circulate

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  • Leslie Chin  On August 28, 2015 at 1:44 am

    This newsletter is an excellent vehicle for the Guyanese diaspora to share ideas. The Guyana government should harvest the experience and experitise of expatriates in Canada, the USA and the UK

  • Thinker  On August 28, 2015 at 7:21 am

    Thanks for bringing the publication to our attention. However, its very nature precludes criticism of Guyana government action. If the Guyanese diaspora is to share ideas a much more neutral forum must be identified. There is much expertise which has been rejected outright by previous administrations based purely on politics. Other useful projects such as Schoolnet Guyana only got one-sided support. The Jamaicans have a diaspora conference, for example, which is non-partisan and continues despite whatever change in government there is. With its racial division, it is unlikely that Guyanese can ever organise anything like that and get global diaspora support. We are truly in a sad mess.

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