GUYANA – Latest Budget and Other News – August 20, 2015

 GUYANA –Latest Budget and Other News – August 20, 2015 – Demerara Waves

  • Public Infrastructure Minister clears air on sacking of GPL CEO Dindyal
  • Gov’t to launch Commission of Inquiry into human trafficking cases in mining districts – Demerara Waves
  • Gov’t justifies cutting time for scrutinizing 2015 budget estimates – Demerara Waves
  • Nine audits, 12 investigations, 4 reviews “collateral damage” slowing the economy- PPP’s Clement Rohee – Demerara Waves
  • Gov’t cuts time for opposition to query budgetary allocations – Demerara Waves
  • Local gov’t system to implement Social Cohesion programmes – Demerara Waves
  • “The plane just reeked of urine”…Dynamic Airways to remove stink carpet – Demerara Waves
  • Guyanese among Third World diplomats saying NYC is grosser than the Third World – Demerara Waves
  • Govt recognises PPP’s Hydar Ally’s dedication to public service – Demerara Waves
  • Canada looks forward to Guyana’s local govt elections – Demerara Waves
  • First resident Chilean Ambassador to Guyana accredited – Demerara Waves
  • Opposition tells government to set up fund for families hit by crime – Demerara Waves


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