Eyeglasses: Price check. Are expensive glasses better? – CBC Marketplace video

Glasses: Price check. Are expensive glasses better? (CBC Marketplace)

The materials in them are downright cheap. Even crafting the lenses is hardly labour-intensive. So why are prescription eyeglasses so darned expensive?

Tom Harrington focuses in on the outrageously high price of spectacles. In this eye-opening report, we test recent changes in retail and regulation, to see if anyone’s offering a better deal.

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  • Rose  On 08/15/2015 at 12:48 am

    WOW…what a rip off going on in this industry. Why hasn’t the government stepped in to regulate what these businesses are doing? I feel sorry for the man who lost everything and was sent to jail for offering consumers a cheaper price on eye glasses that were just as good. As for not giving PD information to clients who have their eyes tested, that should be illegal because all information gathered during an eye examination should be given to the client. It’s only a matter of time before consumers start shopping online for their glasses. No amount of underhanded tactics by these corporations will stop them forever. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

    • albert  On 08/15/2015 at 1:00 pm

      This racket is found in most industries …..and its perfectly legal. For one thing only the doctor could write prescription and the insurance only cover a part of the payment for glasses. At a good eye clinic with the right equipment a doctor could test for multiple issues apart from seeing what glasses is needed.

      Walmart has a good enough selection at least for me. I took my prescription there and paid below $200 bucks.

      The health care industry in general is a growing racket. If in perfect health you visited 10 different specialists each will find a different complaint. They don’t make money by saying you are healthy.

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