Guyana Cultural Association of New York Inc. on-line Magazine – July 2015

GCA-July2015GCA New York On-Line Magazine – July 2015     [DOWNLOAD]


Summer arrived at our doorstep with characteristic warmth and expectancy, and happiness abounds. With some trepidation, we also acknowledge that half of the year is gone. But we have no time to despair. As we look around, we see faces that glow in the sunshine; children running through sprinklers to cool down from the heat, families gathering on beaches and fun parks; our very own Summer Workshop in full swing with the formation of new bonds of friendship as our children spend time together.

Yes, this is our pleasure – this wonderful summer break before we confront the next season, or it confronts us! With the cooperating weather and the deluge of activities choked into a mere few months, GCA throws its doors wide open to showcase another season of activity that builds on the longevity of our purpose and supports our theme, We Bridgin’. And the excitement has already begun. 

You may have experienced “Folk Feet in the Street” last Saturday, July 25, or joined us in our support of 3-AH-WE, the hilarious brainchild of three of Guyana’s notable artists: our very own Francis Farrier, Ken Corsbie, and Peter Jailall.

Here is a rundown of our events this year. • Awards – September 2 • Kwe-Kwe – September 4 • Literary Hang – September 5.

Our congratulations to GCA President Vibert Cambridge on his successful publication of Musical Life in Guyana which will be launched at this event.

Come prepared to participate in interactive discussion. • Folk Festival Family Day – September 6 • Symposium – November 7 Details are available in this newsletter.

In addition, our commitment to excellence in art and culture with the ongoing development of the Guyana Arts and Cultural Center (GACC) remains in focus. We welcome your contributions as we build on this worthy cause. As with past seasons, we embody the spirit and legacy of our heroes, Mo Braff and Muriel Glasgow whose indefatigable efforts helped to shape the mold that is our standard. We will never forget. And so, dear friends, do read on and enjoy, and plan on “hanging” with us this delightful season, as we share the many facets of our culture with you. See you then.


PAGE 3-9: Folk Feet in the Street     PAGE 10-11: Three-Ah-We     PAGE 12: Paradise      PAGE 13-17: Folk Festival Season      PAGE – 18 -19: Launch of “Musical Life in Guyana.”      PAGE 20: Come to My Kwe Kwe         PAGE 21: Kite Flying Competition     PAGE 22: Exciting Stage Show for Family Day     PAGE 23: Demerara Gold Show     PAGE 24:: GACC Choir Auditions     PAGE 25: Where are you from?     PAGE 26-29: Brooklyn International Day of Friendship     PAGE 30-32: GCA Arts & Cultural Center.

Gail A. Nunes July Editor


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  • Rosaliene Bacchus  On 08/07/2015 at 2:07 pm

    Another interesting issue of the GCA Online Magazine. Congrats to the Editor and her team.

    I was especially pleased to learn that the GCA is working to establish the first Guyana Arts & Cultural Center in North America. When I read about all that’s going on in New York, I feel left out here on the West Coast 😦

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