UK Immigration: Why is there a crisis in Calais? – BBC News report

UK Immigration: Why is there a crisis in Calais?

Asylum Seekers -Top10 Countries

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Thousands of migrants who are camped in Calais are attempting to reach the UK by crossing the Channel.

Some try to stow away on lorries bound for cross-Channel ferries. During recent strikes by French ferry workers, which closed the Channel Tunnel, migrants openly tried to board lorries stuck in traffic on the roads leading to the port. There have also been some reports of migrants attempting to stow away in people’s cars.  

Most recently, activity has shifted more to the Channel Tunnel. Migrants attempt to stow away on lorries headed for the Eurotunnel, or jump or cut security fences to try to hide on Eurotunnel trains themselves.

Eurotunnel has described “nightly incursions”, with groups of up to hundreds of migrants attempting to breach security at once.

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  • de castro  On 08/05/2015 at 5:00 am

    UK is certainly targeted as a “safe haven” for refugees/economic migrants.
    Most of those trying to reach uk have neither applied for or refused entry by
    foreign office. The law is there to “protect” UK borders from “illegals”….
    Genuine aslym seekers and or economic migrants no exception/exemption
    to complying with uk immigration policy. They are best advised to visit uk
    consulate in Calais/Paris and make the necessary application for entry.
    Most don’t even have any form of identification so it takes longer than necessary to process them.
    The media is “stiring” up a frenzie to pressure politicians with public sympathy
    Political “Blackmail”……
    Uk is a country developed by economic migrants post WW2 and is probably one of the “fairest” and “diverse” countries on the planet…more “good than “evil”
    Our”welfare state” and National Health Service the envy of the free world.

    Any refugee or legitimate aslyum seeker will be treated fairly…economic migrants are discouraged unless they have a skill that UK is short supply of.
    Demand supply in principle. Of course there are exceptions.

    Main stream media in UK is very powerful and sensible politicians know which to ignore……of course with video footage and clever “editing” “commentary”
    it does not help in finding an acceptable solution to the problem.
    Am sure the matter will soon be resolved by both French and uk authorities.

    All you see read is not factual.
    Just apply the commonsense approach and voila “problem solved” !😇

    Que Sera Sera
    Kamtan in UKPLC

  • Leslie Chin  On 08/05/2015 at 10:52 am

    The story of Jonestown suggests a solution for Guyana i.e. massive immigration from the world’s trouble spots. The refugees trying to go to Europe from Africa should be invited to come to Guyana. Guyana is well placed to receive multi-ethnic, multi-religious, multi-cultural immigrants. This is our composition. It works well in Toronto which is probably the most multicultural city in the world. Immigration to Guyana has been negligible after the first waves of immigrants; people have been leaving Guyana in droves since independence.

    It has been reported that Guyana was offered as a homeland for the Jews after WW2 but they chose to go to Palestine instead to found the State of Israel. Immigrants from the Middle East, Asia, India, China, Africa, Europe and the Americas would build the country and should be encouraged. The new immigrants can be put to work to build a new capital city on high ground in the interior to counter floods on the coast and fight Venezuela’s claim to Guyanese territory. Is the Jonestown site still available?

    “Give me your tired, your poor,
    Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
    Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me,
    I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

    Inscription on the Statue of Liberty, New York City.

  • de castro  On 08/05/2015 at 12:56 pm

    Comrade chin
    Not in my back yard !
    Suggest Canada accept these “undesirables” …Mr Harper will win next “selection” on compassionate grounds for his benevolence.
    With Canada several times the size of UK and only 30m residents am sure
    they would welcome more economic migrants.
    Suggesting Jones town shows gross disrespect to present Guyanese residents.

    Agree with some of the points raised but strongly disagree with your suggestion
    Surely you can’t be serious.!!
    Guyana has enough problems of its own please don’t burden them with more.
    These “illegals”don’t wish to go to guyana or Canada.
    They wish to go to UK.

    Its their dream their wishes and for that reason alone hope uk takes as many
    possible “legally”….economic migrants benefit their host country….their previous country’s loss.

    Guyanese migrant to UK in 60 s when the Kabaka betrayed the commie.
    Burnham and Cheddi divided BG.
    Granger and Nagamootoo trying to present note it.
    Corruption their dilemma.

    Que sera

  • de castro  On 08/05/2015 at 1:00 pm

    Error type
    Granger and nagmootoo trying to unite it.

  • Gigi  On 08/09/2015 at 2:49 pm

    What IS the root cause of this problem? The VERY countries immigrants flee to are the VERY countries responsible for why they are fleeing in the first place. Very few people are willing to risk their lives, leave their families and roots behind to live in a foreign land that if strange and hostile to them.

    de castro, you don’t want them in your back yard and benefiting from your “generous” welfare state that you perceived your tax dollars are supporting. The reality is that the majority UK citizens, like the citizens of the US, Germany, France, Canada, Australia etc do not pay enough taxes to enjoy the generous welfare benefits they receive. Those who benefit from these generous welfare systems are doing so on the backs of these very “illegal” immigrants whose countries have been invaded, brutalized, destroyed, raped and plundered to cater to the citizens of these welfare states. The middle class citizens, a small and dwindling minority, are the ones who actually pay into supporting the system that they do not even benefit from.

    Here’s an example; we had to fork out $5,000 from our pocket to pay for braces for one kid (when she was little she fell off her bike and knocked out her 2 front teeth. Her permanent teeth grew in crooked and affected how her other permanent teeth grew in. She NEEDED braces). The insurance only paid $1,500. The total cost for her braces was $6,500. Now, our dental insurance costs around $150 a month and we only use it to get our teeth cleaned every 6 months. Dentists usually advertise teeth cleaning for $50 – $99 so I assume it’s fairly inexpensive/reasonable. But Obamacare says we have to have insurance so we’re stuck being suckered out of $150 every month just for dental insurance alone. Health/medical is more than double.

    I had a family friend whose 3 kids got their braces for FREE and they did not even need them. But, because the family was/is on welfare the system generously paid for ALL their braces and all the other free stuff they get. They did/do not have to pay one penny! Since there aren’t enough middle class taxpayers paying into the system for the 60+% of people receiving some form of welfare benefits, the countries where these immigrants are fleeing from are the ones singled out to support the generous welfare system in yours and other “first world” countries. Don’t drink the kool aid and get on the band wagon hating on the immigrants! Get on the band wagon hating on the countries responsible for their plight…

  • De castro  On 08/09/2015 at 7:00 pm

    Gigi oh gigi…..
    You are so confused/blinded by your capitalistic mindset that I dont have the energy or the patience to explain our ideological differences.
    USA V UK system of “welfare”……..

    Will try
    UK has a NHS system for medical treatment…….free to every UK national.
    In addition there are “private” medical insurance if anyone wishes additional
    treatment in private hospitals. One is compulsory other optional.
    In some cases where specialist treatment is not available via private hospital
    the “specialist” in public hospital acts as consultant to private hospital.
    That explains the free medical treatment to all uk nationals/citizens.

    Welfare state
    If you are “unemployed” you receive tax credits until you find another/or offered another. If you refuse job offer you loose your tax benefits…….some argue that this is unfair as it is your taxes you paid while in work.
    It is meant to be a “stop gap” situation…..not a permanent fix.

    On the taxation issue it is a little more complex……but will try to be brief.

    UK everyone in work pay 22% income tax above their tax allowance depending on their circumstances married/single/elderly etc etc.
    In addition they pay 9% and employer pays 11% towards NHS….
    VAT is set at 23% but food and children clothing excluded.

    There are higher rates of income tax for those earning over £50.000 PA.
    There is a minimum wage of £6.30 per hour …..some are fighting for a liveable
    wage “means tested” …..income V outgoings….rent food cloth etc etc
    eventually we will have “liveable wage” but will vary by areas of residency/work.
    City town village…..political decisions.

    Individual cases will vary but with the vast majority of UK taxpayers either middle or working class everyone thinks the taxation system is fair.
    Most of EU also have similar welfare systems with the majority either middle or working class but as UK s legal tender is £ not € ….£=€1.40+ most think UK
    is better off than EU at every level of employment……most economic migrants
    who come here wish to work and send monies to help their loved ones left behind……hoping that they can join them soon in uk.

    Hey I am an “economic migrant” to uk some 40 years ago with my wife and four children……never received a penny from the state (welfare) ….and have never been “unemployed” ….retired at 60 on a company pension started receiving my state pension at 65… two incomes are added together for income tax purposes so will be paying tax until my exit…yes at 22% above my tax allowance.

    TAXATION is the most efficient form of WMDW (weapon of mass distribution of wealth) in the developed world……the greater the middle class the more prosperous its citizens and less corruption…..less chance of filing for bancrupcy….
    as per amendment 11 in bancrupt USA….

    Que Sera
    Compton tried to be as brief as possible on some very complex ideological perceptions of our different class structures…systems.

  • Another Perspective  On 08/10/2015 at 10:57 pm

    I’ve interviewed migrants themselves who have lived the migrant experience, i.e. been on these boats that taking a dangerous route to reach these European countries. I have posted an outline of an interview called ‘Question to Government: Are you human?’ If you have time please check it out. I have found this article an interesting read and will be following you for updates.

    • de castro  On 08/11/2015 at 4:20 am

      Question to government..r u human….? Where posted ?

      The political class (mostly asses) are too focused on “correctness” to care about
      the “unfortunates” ! UK over 600 MP s and another 600+ Lords (unelected a appointed) Grass roots politicians are in “short supply”…..
      Political reformation desperately needed.

      Compulsory voting forstarterrs.
      % voters turn out essential for democracy.

      It was amusing to see how inept law enforcers were at crowd control..

      Sending troops and building walls just confirms how “stupid” political leaders can be…quick fixes do not resolve migration issues.
      Anti biotics fixes.! Applying same remedy and expecting different results
      explains how naieve our decision makers are.

      EU idea of countries without “frontiers” is step in right direction in principle
      but sovereign rights must also be upheld..political decisions.
      Economic unity without political unity a disaster.
      The idea for free movement of goods people and services does stimulate
      growth but with 27 different central banks deciding monetary policy its a nightmare. ECB cannot be making decisions for them.
      Once central bank in control may soon follow.

      Economic migrants to EU should be welcomed as it expands its influences/borders…..even almighty Russia may soon join.
      Economic migrants may solve their “ageing” population dilemma.

      Ways I see it.

  • Another Perspective  On 08/11/2015 at 9:16 am

    Wooow. I find your response bery insightful, but I got a little lost at the part where you “ECB cannot be baking decisions and onwards”, is it okay if you can clarify for me, I’m still new to this and eager to learn and find your way of explainging things informative and accessible. Very much appreciated, and on my page I am open to feedback and constructive criticism.

  • de castro  On 08/11/2015 at 2:27 pm

    My apologies for brief make over on ECB role.

    Every central bank decides over internal interest rates fix ..mainly to control inflation….with ECB deciding on the fix of rates national central banks could
    not adjust theirs to control inflation. …one fix for 27 different economies
    is just nonsense …what may be right for one will be wrong for other.
    Economics is an exact science….politics the influences.

    Greek crisis has highlighted this problem…..economic v political unity.
    What we have at moment is “economic unity” (one currency) without
    “Political unity”(one central bank one parliament)
    There is a EU parliament but turn out at their elections is less than 35%
    …..with gross misrepresentations in EU law making parliament….almost impossible to enforce or even taken seriously.
    Just observe the disparities in USA on state laws to see how complex
    it becomes. That’s for another lesson my fried.

    Am more focused on EU issues than USA as reside in UK and Spain.
    My source of info from USA CANADA is mostly from my friends and family
    who have lived there for decades…..mostly from Guyana and carribean.

    Hope I have been helpful but please also note that am neither economist or politician with very “unreligious” beliefs.😈😇

    Will check out your web ad comment if i disagree….we learn more in “disagreement”


  • Ross Goldstone  On 08/13/2015 at 6:16 am

    You may wish to read my article. It is on the topic of immigration and you may find it informative.

  • de castro  On 08/14/2015 at 12:31 am

    Thanks…have read and will do so again and comment if disagree with points
    Am an economic migrant to UK……twice.
    Once to follow a military career in RAF.
    twice with my wife and four children.

    1962 military service
    1975 remigration.

    In my 71 year lifespan have never received a penny of “welfare” to sustain my lifestyle in BG (british guiana) or UK my countries of birth/residency.
    Today I receive two pensions (work and state)…..
    Both compouded (added togeather) for tax purposes…
    Yes pay tax at 22% above my tax allowance.
    Will be taxed until my exit.

    No complaints if my taxes are not wasted by the political class.

    At 77 my son ” tax consultant ” tells me I will break even on my income tax contributions over my 44 years working/tax paying life. Hope don’t exit before that 😀.

    Am happy to continue contributing until my exit ……reason
    TAXATION is the WMDW in today’s world.
    Weapon of mass distribution of wealth.

    Welcome economic migrants to UKPLC ….legally ….illegals turfed out.

    The law is an ass unless enforceable/enforced.

    Que sera

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