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President Barack Obama on Jon Stewart Daily Show- 7/21/2015

President Barack Obama on Jon Stewart Daily Show- 7/21/2015

(One Last Interview – Jon Stewart leaves the Daily Show next month)

REUTERS – President Barack Obama’s campaign to convince Congress to support the Iran nuclear deal led him on Tuesday to a veterans’ convention and ‘The Daily Show’, where he took jabs at those opposing the agreement.

In a back and forth on Comedy Central’s nightly political satire show, Obama pushed back against hard questions from host Jon Stewart.   Continue reading

GUYANA – Latest News – 21 July 2015 – Demerara Waves

    GUYANA – Latest News – 21 July 2015 – Demerara Waves

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Profile: Uncle Harinarine – Old Time Stories! – By Dhanpaul Narine

Uncle Harinarine – Old Time Stories!

By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

Vintage Green Glass Kerosene Lamp 1960's

Kerosene Lamp 1960’s

There was a time when the village in Guyana had no electricity. They used hand lamps to move around at nights. These lamps had a wick and a knob pushed the wick up or down depending on the user’s choice. The lamps were blown out at eight in the night and everyone was supposed to be in bed.

Those that could afford it had the gas lamps but after several pumpings the Tiley lamps would puff and go out as well. Then there were those that had neither gas nor hand lamps. They used a bottle with a long cloth wick soaked in kerosene and the smoke that came out was thick and black. It left a mark in the house and if you were a student staying up late the smoke went directly into your eyes.  Continue reading

GUYANA- Capitol  TV News – 20 July 2015

Capitol TV logoGUYANA- Capitol  TV News – 20 July 2015

  • Judge’s attackers charged
  • US watching Venezuela closely on Guyana situation
  • Crum-Ewing case heating up
  • Protest against Jagdeo and others continues
  • Venezuela claims bad for Guyana and Caribbean
  • Guyanese Law students to pay fees up front in Trinidad
  • Sports

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