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The Sad Karma of Empire – an analysis of the American Empire – Philip Farruggio

The Sad Karma of Empire

As the American culture becomes more violent with each day, we must ask ourselves: would there actually be groups like ISIS if not for what America did in Afghanistan and Iraq? We need to realize how much bad karma this empire has accrued.

Published: June 30, 2015 | Authors: Philip Farruggio | NationofChange | Op-Ed

To this writer, empire is not exactly what the dictionary defines it as:  A group of nations or peoples ruled over by an emperor, empress or other sovereign or government; usually a territory of greater extent than a kingdom. Another definition can be found stating: A powerful and important enterprise or holding of large scope that is controlled by a single person, family or group of associates.

Putting these two definitions together, one can perhaps begin to understand what our American Empire looks like. The heinous marriage between mega wealth via corporate capitalism and elected government. The first born  bastard child they named The Military Industrial Empire!  Continue reading

Guyana Politics: Things to do on a Honeymoon – by Ralph Ramkarran

Ralph Ramkarran

Ralph Ramkarran

Things to do on a Honeymoon

Posted on July 18, 2015 – by Ralph RamkarranConversation Tree Blog

It is only fair that the traditional honeymoon period of three months of the new APNU+AFC administration be exhausted before its performance is assessed. The Government has a plan against which a judgment will be made. It is called the hundred-day programme. Little is heard of it nowadays but we, the people, who are intended to be its beneficiaries, are looking forward anxiously to its fulfillment.

The public is not familiar with the inner workings of Governments and we acknowledge that urgent events are demanding attention. Last week it was the heavy rains and flooding which required top priority – a 4 am Cabinet meeting. It is not known if all Ministers were able to make it.   Continue reading

GUYANA – Latest News – 19 July 2015 – Demerara Waves

    GUYANA – Latest News – 19 July 2015 –  Demerara Waves

  • Guyana will “stoutly resist” Venezuela ID card distribution; Guyanese security expert recommends aggressive public awareness campaign – Demerara Waves  http://bit.ly/1LlqANF
  • Suspect could be charged soon for Crum-Ewing’s murder – Demerara Waves   http://bit.ly/1IbX8J9
  • Guyanese expect a lot from security-expert laden govt to control crime, says US-based Professor – Demerara Waves  http://bit.ly/1HDfUFT
  • Minibus robbers caught after stabbing miner during attempted robbery – Demerara Waves   http://bit.ly/1ViC33u
  • Continue reading
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