Granger warns MERCOSUR of chaos if borders violated

Granger warns MERCOSUR of chaos if borders violated

B20150718-153442.jpgStabroek News On July 18, 2015

In his address to South American Presidents of the regional trading bloc MERCOSUR, President David Granger yesterday warned of chaos if established borders are violated.

In a clear reference to Venezuelan sabre-rattling over Guyana’s maritime territory in recent months, Granger said:
“Violations of borders could degenerate into conflict and could derail integration.When borders which had been determined definitively settled by international agreements are disregarded by one State, other States may do the same. Chaos will ensue. This continent must be a ‘zone of peace’ if it is to progress.  

In the case of the claim on the territory of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana, we wish to make it clear that a full, perfect and final settlement was made in 1899- 116 years ago by an international tribunal.”

At the summit in Brazil in the presence of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, Granger again laid out a case to the South American heads as to why Guyana’s present borders should be considered inviolable.
His address follows:

Excellency, Madame Dilma Rouseff, President of the Federative Republic of Brazil;
Other Heads of State and Government of MERCOSUR;
Ministers of Foreign Affairs;
Heads of Delegation;
Members of the Diplomatic Corps;
Ladies and Gentlemen;
Madame President,

The delegation of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana is delighted to be in Brasilia today. We share not only the warm hospitality which makes this country such a special place, but we are also happy to be part of this rich culture of cooperation between member States and associate member States of MERCOSUR.
We thank President Dilma Rouseff, the Government and people of Brazil for their gracious welcome and for the excellent arrangements put in place for this conference. We are confident that the outcome will bear testimony to the hard work done by the Government of Brazil in its capacity as Pro Tempore Chair.
My presence here today is very special for me as it marks my first official engagement with the region since assuming the Presidency of the Cooperative

Republic of Guyana just eight weeks ago. It is a demonstration of my government’s commitment to the process of regional integration, to the promotion of friendly relations with all countries of the region and to theproduction of an economic system that will enhance the prosperity of the continent.

Guyana is a small state, one of the smallest on this continent. We are part of the mainland of South America. We have the distinction of being the only English- speaking country on the continent. We are fraternal members of theSouth American family of nations. Guyana is committed to pursuing itscontinental destiny as an active member of MERCOSUR. Guyana, an associate member, brings diversity to this common market. Guyana is also a founding member of the Caribbean Community. Our presence here represents our dual commitment to both the continent and the Caribbean.

Guyana believes in integration. We are committed to the infrastructuralintegration of the continent. We are negotiating for a road access between Guyana and Brazil through a bridge link which has already been built. Theconstruction of a highway will intensify trade and investments with Brazil and the other countries of the South. We are also examining the feasibility of a bridge between Guyana and Suriname to the East.

Madame President,
Guyana’s strategic geographic location on the northern shoulder of the continent has the potential to allow easier and cheaper access to the larger markets of the Americas, Africa and the Caribbean. Guyana is a naturalgateway to these larger markets. We are an asset to MERCOSUR. We will foster the development of our country and this continent. The linking of our countries through roads, bridges, rail and other forms of air, land and sea communication will improve trade between the Caribbean and the continent.International trade is indispensable to economic integration and to MERCOSUR.

This conference is taking place at a propitious time in the evolution of theglobal economy.
– From the North came the conquistadores and explorers 500 years ago. They created a new Atlantic mercantilist economic system.
– From the West arose a new dynamic, ‘ dollarised’ market-driveneconomic system which also gave rise to the Inter- Americansystem of which we are all a part.
– From the East, most recently, came an aggressive industrialistpowerhouse of the ‘Asian Tigers’.
– We are the South. This is our time! This must be our century! We will succeed, as the other regions have succeeded, however only if we are integrated, only if we are united.

Guyana shares with MERCOSUR the strong emphasis on issues that go beyond commerce.We recall the commitment of MERCOSUR to the promotion of democratic norms and institutions. We recall, also, the stance taken regarding breaches of constitutional order within its membership. We note the recognition that MERCOSUR has accorded to smaller States through mechanisms such as the Structural Convergence Fund.

Madame President,
Guyana subscribes fully to the ideals of democracy and constitutional order. We understand their importance to security and stability in South America.We embrace the principle of regional solidarity and the need to reduce political and economic asymmetries within the region. It is, therefore,in the interest of closer integration and in the spirit of solidarity that we appeal to MERCOSUR to continue its vigilance to safeguard the sovereignty and security of small states on this continent and to eliminate inequalities and controversies that separate them.

Violations of borders could degenerate into conflict and could derail integration.When borders which had been determined definitively settled by international agreements are disregarded by one State, other States may do the same. Chaos will ensue. This continent must be a ‘zone of peace’ if it is to progress.

In the case of the claim on the territory of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana, we wish to make it clear that a full, perfect and final settlement was made in 1899- 116 years ago by an international tribunal.
– Borders were demarcated;
– Boundaries were delimited;
– Maps were drawn; markers were set in stone;
– The entire world recognizes our borders.
Guyana, never the less, has been obstructed in the development of its territory. In October 2013, a naval corvette forcibly expelled an unarmed exploration vessel from our waters. Investors have been intimidated; the economy has been paralyzed.

Decrees have been issued in 1968 and 2015 claiming a large portion of Guyana’s Exclusive Economic Zone. These decrees are a ‘fishbone’ in the throats of our people. We are underserving of 50 years of unrelenting provocation and obstruction of our development.

Guyana is a small State of fewer than a million persons. We seek cordial relations with all States. We commit to:
-mutual respect for each other’s territory,
– mutual non- aggression between States,
– mutual non- interference in each other’s internal affairs; and
– mutual cooperation for peaceful co-existence amongst States.

Madame President,
Guyana will continue to contribute to the economic development of the peoples of the South American continent. If our strategic geographic advantage as a gateway is diminished, our contributions will be degraded.

Guyana reasserts its respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of other States. The Commonwealth has issued a statement expressing concernand support for Guyana’s territorial integrity. The Caribbean Community has also expressed support for Guyana’s territorial integrity. We call on MERCOSUR to consolidate the integration of this continent by recommitting its support to the territorial integrity of this small State.

The Cooperative Republic of Guyana wishes to once again, express our gratitude to the President, Government and people of Brazil for their hospitality. At the same time, we wish to convey best wishes to the incoming Pro Tempore Chair, Paraguay, in the execution of their mandate.

I thank you.
Muito obrigado!

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  • kiskadee70  On 07/19/2015 at 5:15 am

    Well done Mr. President

  • compton de castro  On 07/19/2015 at 5:55 am

    Congratulations Mr President for a “cool calm and collective” response to Comrade Maduro s saber rattling…..risk of instability in the region.

    Peace is a perquisite for growth.

    Well delivered Mr Granger.


  • compton de castro  On 07/19/2015 at 5:59 am

    Read as……
    Peace is a prerequisite for growth.

  • Gigi  On 07/19/2015 at 2:11 pm

    “This continent must be a ‘zone of peace’ if it is to progress.” says Granger.

    Guyana must first be a zone of peace for this to materialize. This will not happen as long as the de facto Granger govt is in power, since violence, intimidation, fighting words along with the voter rigging apparatus of the ABC countries got it into power. And while this plays well into the hands of these countries as it is the outcome they seek, the Guyanese people must realize that the Granger govt is not there to serve them. African Americans were celebrating and singing their version of “awee time now” when the voting apparatus put Obama in power. Little did they realize what was in store for them. Yes, dear Guyanese, your time is now…no need to wonder what’s in store for you, just look across to your African American distant relatives. Yes, you are related since the majority of African American slaves came directly from the Caribbean.

    • Thinker  On 07/20/2015 at 12:41 am

      No new government can be viewed as a panacea for all known problems. But Gigi has to put everything in terms of her racial/racist world view. I can only hope that readers don’t accept this approach due to the frequency of its appearance and the silence of the majority. In any event we are ALL Africans.

    • Steve Roberts  On 07/21/2015 at 7:24 pm

      @ Gigi….obviously you are a PPP supporter….However, I can’t understand how you can speak with a clear conscience about Granger being “put into power”. Your jaundiced outlook is exactly what is responsible for the suffering of the Guyanese people of all ethnicities….What benefits have Guyana achieved from the 23 years of PPP governance? How best has Guyana harvested it’s resources for it’s people….your PPP government was a gang of bandits that looted and pillaged the country’s treasury and resources that resulted in more of the government’s own supporters fleeing the country from the impoverishment that it wreaked on the Guyanese people. Enough said! I suggest that you apply some critical thinking to your obvious intellect when analyzing the Guyanese scenario.

      • Thinker  On 07/22/2015 at 4:16 am

        Easy to understand Gigi. “Apan jaat” in Guyana and worldwide anti-anything remotely black (even the imagined African colours of the Guyana flag).

      • Steve roberts  On 07/22/2015 at 9:48 am

        I don’t know Gigi so I can’t comment on her alleged racism…However, I hope and trust that this young lady is just a misguided person defending her beliefs that the PPP is still a workers’ party instead of a gang of political bandits intent on raping Guyana of everything it owns and deeming the populace to a life of poverty…..I bet that Gigi lives abroad and have had no contact with any relative or friend that lived under the yoke of the PPP terror….I for one didn’t but I went to Guyana several times and have seen with my own eyes the lowered living standards from when I lived there….

  • Rosaliene Bacchus  On 07/19/2015 at 6:58 pm

    A big thank you to Guyanese Online for keeping us updated on this issue.

    President Granger described it well in saying that “[Venezuela’s] decrees are a ‘fishbone’ in the throats of [the Guyanese] people.”

  • kiskadee70  On 07/20/2015 at 8:07 pm

    As I said before and I will say it again – the covetous Venezuelan bullies know that they do not have any legitimate claim over any part of our country. Their aggressiveness towards Guyana is a reflection of their bullish characteristics and exposes their fear and weaknesses. It is a cowardly tactic used to destabilize our development plans with the main objective of keeping us down. They see Guyana becoming self-sufficient in energy whether it be from Hydro Power or fossil fuel, in food and shelter, growing out of poverty and truly becoming independent as something of an embarrassment to them. They would begrudge our prosperity while their people live in poverty and squalor despite all their natural resources in the hands of a handful of greedy bastards. Their military treat is like a dog without teeth. They think that the world leaders on our side would stand by and watch these bullies take advantage of us without any reaction. Let the puppet go ahead with his tantrums. Hope he can bear the consequences after. Maybe he has chosen not to accept the possibility of drone strikes in defense of our rights to develop our resources as we deem fit. We do not need an army of multiple thousands to put things right.

    The 1899 Arbitrary award is a permanent, legally binding agreement and can never be changed. In that accord the British conceded the Orinoco Basin to Venezuela of which Venezuela was adamant they wanted. The Venezuelans were very pleased and happy then to sign on to this agreement. All parties agreed to this though the British were not too pleased they had parted with the huge Orinoco Basin. The so-called posthumous questionable missive from Mallet Prevost is invalid and unacceptable in any argument or international court of justice. What a bunch of idiots!

    As we dwell on this issue we must not forget our Amerindian brothers and sisters who were butchered by the Spanish, British and Dutch bastards. Then to add salt to the wounds of our indigenous people these bilge rats were declared heroes in history books written by nuts who called themselves historians. All reasoning considered, the Amerindian people of this land are the rightful heirs, not those Spanish bullies from Venezuela.

    At this point I wish to point out that when Nicholas Maduro Moros, the Venezuelan puppet of the bullies of the oil industry there visited Guyana in August 31, 2013 he made a reference about the US saying that “Nothing gives the US the right to be judge and decide the future of another country” Yet this same scumbag has the temerity to dictate to Guyana how we should run our affairs. What a hypocrite!

    Now that our Government has changed he probably feels threatened that he may not be able to go to bed with the new Guyana administration as he was with the previous corrupt administration. So he is trying hard to take his country’s focus away from his own incompetence by picking a fight with poor little Guyana. Does he not know that small axes can cut down big trees? And that Goliath was slain by a little shepherd using a crude sling shot?

    President Granger is worthy of congratulatory salutation for taking on an aggressive and arrogant tiger by its tail and stand firm on his commitment of safeguarding Guyana’s territorial waters and land mass from land grabbing bullies like MADuro.

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