Update from Moray House Trust: June 2015

Moray House Trust

Moray House Trust

Update from Moray House Trust: June 2015

Moray House Trust was honoured to host the launch of a biography about Eric and Jessica Huntley in April. Eric and Jessica Huntley were pioneer publishers and political activists in the UK, after they migrated from Guyana in the 1950s. Jessica was a founding member of the Women’s Political and Economic Organisation in 1946 along with Janet Jagan, Janet Jagan and others. Jessica was, in the words of Tom Dalgety, “an encourager of many who wanted to say something but had no audience.”

Eric Huntley presented a collection of books, documents and recordings to Moray House Trust in the course of his recent visit to Guyana. He expressed his gratitude to the Trust for hosting two events. The first, held in October 2013, was to honour his wife, Jessica Huntley, on her passing. The second event, in April 2015, was the launch of a biography of the Huntleys entitled “Doing Nothing is not an Option”.  


Figure 1 Eric Huntley at Moray House Trust (photo courtesy of Nikhil Ramkarran)

At the end of May, Moray House hosted an evening of storytelling which saw an appreciative crowd in attendance. Patrons were magically transported to various setting by theatre personality Francis QuaminaFarrier with his engaging and often hilarious dramatizations. This event was a part of his designated “777/77 year”. Francis is one of Guyana’s most popular storytellers going back to the 1960s with the popular radio serial “Tides of Susanburg”.


Figure 2 Francis QuaminaFarrier (photo courtesy of Stabroek News)

Figure 2 Francis QuaminaFarrier (photo- Stabroek News)

The stories were of a mixed variety and included:
“The Old Tra-la-la”, a story of a hard-working, multi-racial fisherman who is victimized by officialdom, because he refuses to play the game of corruption.
“You have Left Something”, which related the experiences of a group of mostly Guyanese tourists to the Amerindian village of Sand Creek in the South Rupununi.
“Dark Ancestors”, two men of African heritage become delusional while on a journey on a launch up the Berbice river in 1963 – 200 years after the Berbice Slave revolt.
“Ramjohn goes to America”, is the adventure of Uncle Ramjohn who goes to New York as part of his 80th Birthday gift by this New York-based children and grandchildren.

The night’s moderator was another theatre stalwart, Malcolm DeFreitas, one of Francis’ early students.


Escape to Paradise

You Tube Clip: You have left something behind

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