GCA On-Line Magazine – June 2015

GCA - June 2015

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Letter from the Editor

The month of June 2015, was officially declared Caribbean Heritage Month by the 44th president of the United States, Barack Obama. We trust that your summer has begun with the energy and intensity of predictable newness.   

The Guyana Cultural Association of New York is preparing for another active and culturally fulfilling season and the sensation is in the air. It is our hope that as GCA thrusts forward to preserve, to promote and to propagate the Guyanese cultural existence in the Diaspora, there will be a renewal of expectation, and a transformation of enthusiasm in the months and years ahead. Since this online magazine began we have received numerous praises of admiration, suggestions and advice.

We are grateful and humbled by your gracious comments of appreciation and encouragement. We listened attentively, and after processing and analyzing your thoughts and interests, we are now ready to implement a comprehensive program that would perpetuate Guyanese cultural heritage in the Diaspora.

The recent demonstration of pride and optimism among Guyanese everywhere is clearly evident. This was born out of confidence in the newly elected APNU+AFC coalition government to assist in the re-establishment and preservation of culture traditions that would propel Guyana into a free, proud, and prosperous nation. Your comments surely gave us the confidence to move forward with great alacrity towards building and establishing the first North American innovative concept – Guyana Arts and Cultural Center (GA&CC), which encompasses a folk art museum, media center, teaching exercises – School of art, music, dance and performing arts. This venue will also house creative works of Guyanese artists worldwide and much more. We salute and thank you.

Based on your recommendations, GCA has recently embarked upon this new paradigm. We are in the process of acquiring office spaces to centrally house our artifacts that have been accumulated over the past fourteen (14) years of our existence. This includes all categories of dance, music, performing arts, summer workshop series, the literary hang, awards ceremony, Kwe Kwe, Family Fun Day and the Symposium proceedings. This location has already been identified. In this light we crave your indulgence and welcome your anticipated contribution which will most certainly sustain our aspirations.

We therefore call on you our supporters, our past honorees, well wishers, business associates, family and friends to believe in our vision as we venture into this new program to accumulate and expand our resources into a consolidated front. We solicit your usual cooperation in this development, which is viewed as educational, entertaining and culturally edifying. We request your financial support to achieve this worthwhile goal.

There is so much to be done and GCA is committed to assist as every little portion counts – one one dutty build dam – and it calls for your assistance. If I may quote from one of Guyanese cultural icons W.R.A Pilgrim’s national song entitled “Let us cooperate”:-

Let us co-operate for Guyana; Let us co-operate for our land, Let us resolve to fight together See we do it right together Can we do it? Yes we can.

Some clarification is in order at this point. Mr. Pilgrim’s last phrase of “Yes We Can” in every verse was written over forty (40) years ago, long before President Obama adopted the identical slogan: – “Yes We Can” on his US campaign trail. Yes Obama won and with your help, we intend to win. Please co-operate and give generously.

Details for your tax deductable donations could be found on pages 14, 15 & 16. In this issue, we anticipate that you feel a sense of pride when you read about the three GCA Board members who were honored this month. Patricia Jordon-Langford of the New York Tri State Alliance was recognized as “Ambassador Of Brooklyn”; Claire Patterson-Monah’s Caribbean Heritage Recognition – our most illustrious Financial Director and dance counselor Verna Walcott-White at the recent 49th Anniversary celebration of Guyana’s independence at Boro Hall.

GCA would like to take the opportunity to salute them and all other honorees. The month of June is still heralded as the bridal occasion month and we articulate traditional pre wedding ceremonies in different Guyanese cultural styling. The events for our cultural heritage season kick off on July 6 with the Summer Series workshops “Arts in the Community” slogan.

We hope that you will join us at these events as we continue to celebrate various dimensions of our cultural heritage in the Diaspora. Of course there are several other interesting articles for your cultural reading pleasure, not forgetting our Father’s Day celebrations as Dr. Juliet Emanuel recognizes and gives credence to the men of GCA. We look forward with elated anticipation to the upcoming season, and for further details, please log on to http://www.guyfolkfest.org and follow us on Facebook for all events. Gaff with you later,

Edgar Henry, June Editor L

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