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Father’s Day – Father, where are you? – By Rosaliene Bacchus

Three Worlds One Vision

Syrian Children outside UNHCR Tent - Jordan Refugee Camp

Syrian Children outside their UNHCR Tent – Refugee Camp in Jordan
Photo Credit: UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) /M. Abu Asaker

We live in a patriarchal world. With relatively few exceptions, our fathers, our men, determine the direction and evolution of our societies. This Father’s Day—with persistent inequality, a permanent state of violence and war, climate mayhem, and escalating destruction of human habitats—I ask: Father, where are you?

Father, where are you when a son goes on a shooting rampage, killing other human beings because he believes he has the right to do so?

Father, where are you when the leaders of our governments send our sons and daughters to fight in illegitimate wars of domination?

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Massive Customs fraud with BaiShanLin’s Wamara logs export – Bulkan + video

Massive Customs fraud taking place with BaiShanLin’s Wamara logs export – Bulkan

June 21, 2015 | By KNews | chu-hongbo-   A prominent forestry expert has warned of a massive Customs fraud taking place in exports of Wamara logs to China.

 Photo: BaiShanLin’s Managing Director, Chu Hongbo

In a letter published yesterday in Kaieteur News, Janette Bulkan said that public records available indicate systematic under-invoicing when it comes to shipping of the logs to especially China.
An Assistant Professor at a Canadian university, Bulkan is now urging for a forensic audit to be carried out in the natural resources sector.

Guyana learnt about Wamara logs last year after it was disclosed that one company, BaiShanLin, was shipping container loads of it out of Guyana every month.  Continue reading

Dirty Money Outflows High from Guyana – Global Financial Integrity (GFI)

News Americas, WASHINGTON, D.C., Mon. June 8, 2015: Dirty money flows are “pervasive and pernicious in the developing world” and one Caribbean nation has cracked the top 25 list globally, seeing a high illicit financial outflows compared to total trade.

The Washington, DC-based research and advisory organization Global Financial Integrity (GFI) lists Guyana as the only Caribbean country to make the list. In a report titled “Illicit Financial Flows and Development Indices: 2008–2012” and released last week, the GFI included Guyana in the list along with a number of African, Pacific and Central American nations.  Continue reading

Haiti – Dominican Republic- thousands in the Dominican Republic are now stateless + Video


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Hundreds of thousands in the Dominican Republic are now stateless

opinionPublished on June 20, 2015 – By Amalia Perez – Research Associate at the Council on Hemispheric Affairs – Commentary:

Beginning this week, the Dominican Republic government will move forward with the deportation of an estimated 210,000 allegedly Haitian refugees living in the Dominican Republic (DR). A large majority of them have lived in the Dominican Republic for generations, have never visited Haiti or spoken Creole, or were brought over from Haiti as children.

The  y will be rendered stateless under the DR’s draconian immigration laws, which targets and expels those “dark-skinned Dominicans with Haitian facial features” who cannot prove, with birth certificates or citizenship papers, they legally belong in the DR.  Continue reading

The Health Benefits of Guavas + Foods that are Allergen Relief Medicine

 The Health Benefits of Guavas

Guavas are found in the tropics, and invoke images of vacations, summer parties and island life, but this tasty fruit is more than a celebratory food. Thisfruit is bursting with healthy vitamins and minerals and can be used to treat many serious ailments. You can recognize guavas by their yellow, green or maroon skins and creamy white or pink pulp.

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