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Guyana, US ready to overhaul Extradition Treaty

Guyana, US ready to overhaul Extradition Treaty

ExtraditionThursday, 04 June 2015 –  Demerara Waves – by Denis Chabrol and Zena Henry

Guyana is eager to replace an 84-year old Extradition Treaty with the United States (US) and slash the powers of the national security minister in determining whether Guyanese should be sent to that North American country to face trial for a range of crimes.

“We should have a brand new one now with the Americans,” Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan told Demerara Waves Online News in an exclusive interview on Thursday, June 4. “Indeed we would have to do some amendment to both the Fugitive Offenders Amendment Act and also to have a treaty with America,” he added.  Continue reading


Demerara WavesGUYANA – LATEST NEWS – 04 JUNE 2015

  • Guyana-China Business Council members looking forward to working with new Government – Demerara Waves  http://bit.ly/1QuOzb1
  • Security Minister tells illegal gun holders to gear for amnesty; seeks technocrat in granting licenses – Demerara Waves  http://bit.ly/1M8LOLg
  •  Stick to your word to fix UG; send home Vice Chancellor– unions tell Education Minister – Demerara Waves  http://bit.ly/1dQoyqP
  • Continue reading

Buxton- Friendship Express Newsletter — May 2015


Hello Villagers and Friends.
Here is our newsletter for May 2015. It is a 28-page publication, full of captivating information and vivid photos.
You can download it from the attached file, or by clicking on the following link:
Enjoy the read!
Lorna Campbell – Editor/Contributing Writer,
Buxton-Friendship Express –buxtonexpress@aol.com

Former Guyana Government – Willful waste of money – commentary

Willful waste of money

June 4, 2015 | By KNews | Filed Under Editorial

Disclosures that the previous government was dispensing money like a tap dispensing water has indeed come as a shock to the many taxpayers who each day must struggle to make ends meet. 

One glaring case involves the government recruiting an individual who left these shores for whatever reason to reside in Canada. There is no shortage or reportorial skills in Guyana so for the government to reach out to Canada and recruit an individual who is at best mediocre to perform duties at the Walter Rodney Commission of Inquiry and to pay that person US$7,333 per month ($1.5M) per month can only be a case of cronyism.  Continue reading

French schools ban ‘teeth sucking’, common in Africa and Caribbean

French schools ban ‘teeth sucking’

Schools across France impose a ban on “le tchip”, French for teeth-sucking, a sound made by sucking in air through pursed lips common in African and Afro-Caribbean culture.

Schools in France are imposing a ban on “teeth-sucking” – a sound made with the mouth common in African and Afro-Caribbean culture – because teachers deem it offensive and disrespectful.

“Le tchip” as the French call it, is a mark of annoyance, disapproval or disdain made by sucking air through the teeth through pursed lips while moving the tongue.   Continue reading

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