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June 2015: The month that changed America?

The month that changed America?

Does history change all at once? June 2015 certainly had its singular historic moments – but almost all were the outcome of long-term forces and long-fought battles, say Nick Bryant.

The shelves of American bookstores almost buckle under the weight of titles identifying a single year, season, month, week, day or hour as essential turning points in history’s long march.

So one would imagine that publishers are already being inundated with pitches for books bringing together the events of the past few weeks, perhaps under the working titles of “Ten Days in June”, “America’s Liberal Spring”, “The Summer of Love” or “June 2015: The month that changed America.”  Continue reading

Nostalgia Machine – Popular music from 1960-2013

Subject: Nostalgia Machine  – Popular music from 1960-2013

Be prepared for a couple of hours of going back in time and trying to recall what you were up to when these were the rage on the hit parade from 1960 to 2013.

To change years, simply click on the red year at the bottom of each page, then select the next year you want to see and hear.

Nostalgia Machine – click link below…….   Continue reading

Buxton-Friendship Express for June 2015

Buxton-Friendship Express – June 2015

Dear Villager/Friend of Buxton,

The Buxton-Friendship Express for June 2015 is here.

Please click on the following link to access it:


Lorna Campbell .   Chief Editor,

Buxton-Friendship Express

US Supreme Court and Gay Marriage – various links

US Supreme Court and Gay Marriage  (from St. Stanislaus College Blog)

GUYANA: Latest News – 28 June 2015 – Demerara Waves

    GUYANA: Latest News – 28 June 2015 – Demerara Waves


Ralph Ramkarran

Ralph Ramkarran


Both APNU and the AFC appear anxious to amend the Cummingsburg Accord allegedly on the ground that the reality of political office has clashed with the Accord’s constitutionality. A series of interviews over the past two weeks given by President Granger and Prime Minister Nagamootoo suggest that a review of the Accord is underway.

The Cummingburg Accord has two limbs. The first is the number of seats in parliament and ministries in government that each constituent party would be assigned. This apparently went off smoothly. Continue reading

FOR THE LAST TIME – by Dave Martins + music videos

Dave Martins and The Tradewinds – 2015-06-28

Dave Martins

Dave Martins

FOR THE LAST TIME – by Dave Martins

I have come to the conclusion that it will never stop – persons telling you angrily that today’s music is “garbage”. They will tell you, sometimes jabbing you in the chest to make their point, “The music from 30, 40 years ago – that was music, man; not this trash we have nowadays; just boom, boom, boom.

What happened to all those great songs from the seventies? That was real music. When is it coming back?” The short answer is, “Don’t hold your breath. It’s not.”   Continue reading

Is the Dominican Haitians Humanitarian Crisis a sign of things to come in the Caribbean Region?

Three Worlds One Vision

Hispaniola - Greater Antilles - Caribbean Sea

Haiti & Dominican Republic – Greater Antilles – Caribbean Region
Source: ABC Voyage

In the Dominican Republic, undocumented Haitian immigrants and Dominicans of Haitian descent now face mass deportation unless they can present documentation of their legal residential status. June 17, 2015, was the deadline for compliance.

Haiti, with a population of over 9.9 million, is a member state of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM). The Dominican Republic, with a population of over ten million, has CARICOM Observer status. In 2004, the country became a fully integrated member of the Central American Free Trade Agreement, since known as CAFTA-DR.

In September 2013, a Constitutional Tribunal ruling changed the DR’s citizenship policy. The ruling revoked automatic citizenship granted to children born to immigrants, as far back as 1929, throwing into a quagmire almost a quarter-million Dominicans, 83 percent of Haitian descent. Then in May 2014, the DR passed a law regulating…

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Read President Obama’s moving eulogy for Charleston shooting victim Clementa Pinckney

Read President Obama’s moving eulogy for Charleston shooting victim Clementa Pinckney

VOX – Updated by on June 26, 2015

On Friday, June 26, President Obama delivered a powerful eulogy for Rev. Clementa Pinckney, who was murdered in the Charleston shootings. In the emotional, wide-ranging speech, Obama connected the mass killing to “a long history” of violence meant to intimidate and terrorize African Americans, and warned that it would be “a betrayal of everything Reverend Pinckney stood for” if America let itself “go back to business as usual.”

The full text of Obama’s remarks follows. Continue reading

GUYANA – Capitol TV News Videos – 26 June 2015

Capitol TV logoGUYANA – Capitol TV News Videos – 26 June 2015

  • Gov’t combating poverty rooting out corruption
  • Cocaine hidden in container detected by drug sniffing dog
  • Proposed 2am closing time for all bars and nightclubs
  • East Bank resident latest road accident victim
  • Asset Recovery unit head explains his task
  • Attorney General demands greater efficiency from the Deeds Registry
  • NIS asked to explain missing contributions of former police constable
  • Sports

Click links below to view the videos:-  Continue reading

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