Shaheed “Roger” Khan and Ed Ahmad likely to testify against NY State Senator

Shaheed “Roger” Khan and Ed Ahmad likely to testify against New York State Senator


Sen. John Sampson

Sunday, 24 May 2015 12:04 – Written by  Demerara Waves

 Reproduced from New York Post

Guyanese death squad drug lord ; Jagdeo’s friend Ed Ahmad likely to testify against New York State Senator

One was the drug-trafficking leader of a South American death squad. The other is a former airline baggage handler now serving a life sentence for drug running.

Shaheed “Roger” Khan and Victor Bourne are just a few in a rogue’s gallery of possible witnesses whose stories or testimony will figure into the upcoming trial of Brooklyn state Sen. John Sampson.

Sampson, the former Democratic leader of the Senate, is accused of obstructing justice, witness and evidence tampering and lying to an FBI agent. His trial is expected to begin June 22 in Brooklyn federal court.

Aside from the drug lords, others on the list of people who will testify or whose names might come up at trial are Congressman Gregory Meeks of Queens and Paul Rivera, a political operative with strong ties to the Clintons.

The names were listed in the questionnaire given to potential jurors in the case..

Rivera, a former top aide to Sampson, worked in the Clinton White House and formed the pro-Hillary Rodham Clinton American Leadership Project in the 2008 Democratic primary.

There are also several Sampson confidants, state workers and a businessman with whom Sampson was a secret partner in a Brooklyn liquor store.

Another businessman, Edul Ahmad, was convicted in a mortgage-fraud scheme and will figure prominently in the trial. He cooperated with prosecutors and wore a wire in the Sampson case.

Ahmad, a Guyanese immigrant and real-estate broker, funnelled cash to Meeks and Sampson. He pleaded guilty in October 2012 to mortgage fraud but has yet to be sentenced.

Ahmad gave his long-time pal Sampson $188,500 in 2006 to repay funds the senator allegedly embezzled from escrow accounts he supervised as a lawyer in private practice.

Sampson was charged with embezzlement in 2013, but the charges were dismissed last year because the statute of limitations had expired.

Sampson, 49, who has been in the Senate since 1997, is also accused of trying to lean on a mole in the US Attorney’s Office to learn the names of those cooperating in the Ahmad case and telling Ahmad he could arrange to “take them out,” legal papers say.

Sampson is of Guyanese heritage and traveled to Guyana frequently, sometimes meeting Ahmad.

Khan is alleged to have headed a squad in Guyana that murdered hundreds of people, including government opponents.
Both Khan and Ahmad had ties to Guyana’s former president.

Khan pleaded guilty in Brooklyn federal court in 2009 in a cocaine-trafficking scheme. His lawyer, Robert Simels, was convicted of witness tampering and other charges in the case.

Less clear is any link the senator has to Bourne, a native of Barbados who for years ran the “Bourne Organization” to smuggle cocaine from the Caribbean to the United States by hiding it in planes or baggage.
He was convicted in 2012.

Sampson’s lawyer would not comment on the drug lords. A US Attorney’s Office spokeswoman also declined to comment.

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  • Gigi  On May 29, 2015 at 9:42 pm

    Since Obama got selected, democrats have been going after black democrat politicians with a vengeance. First, it was the mayor of chocolate city who wanted to put the chocolate back in chocolate city. Never mind that his chocolate dominated police dept was the most corrupt in the entire history of America. Next, was Jessie Jackson Jr. and his wife hailing from the most corrupt city of Chicago. Not to be out done was Kilpatrick from another corrupt city, Detroit. Then there were all the other small time floozie black democrat politicians from those bastions of illiberal politics – PA, NJ, CA, MA, DC, NY, etc., not to be outdone is this left over Burnhamite who was instructing his APNU peoples back in Guyana to just take out the PPP opposition, the same playbook he used for his own opponents. He must think he’s in Africa or Guyana and not America. Wrong skin color in the wrong career in America. That how the gang bangers be in the hood yo but not in politics bro. Now, his constituents may be from the hood but American politics aspire to higher standards than putting this hood mentality on public display. What I don’t get is how the people he’s connected to are also connected to Jagdeo. The same Jagdeo of the PPP that he was instructing APNU to take out. Never trust the American spin machine…

    • albert  On August 17, 2015 at 10:44 am

      Keep up the good work Gigi. Others may be mad with you but I like you for entertainment purposes. Like Donald Trump is to dull politics so you are to the board. You bring back my boyhood years in Guyana when we taunted drunks coming out the rum shop. Thanks for the memories.

      On a serious note I am really not sorry for Sampson. He knew better and was warned about political corruption and greed. He mess up his family: his wife has a good job on Wall Street, his daughter was accepted to a Ivy League Univ and his father was extremely proud of him. He was an example of a Guyanese descendant going somewhere. All he needed to do was hold on quietly.. As they say in Guyana all might be gone for chana.

  • B Sinnappan  On August 17, 2015 at 9:22 am


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