Dear Mr. President – Uncle David – let me tell you about my life


Dear Uncle David,

I will only address you as Mr. President when we are in those overly formal situations which demand it. Outside of that formality, you will be Uncle David to me because you are family and I hope that by holding you so close to my heart; it will encourage you to keep me close to yours.

I know for certain that I have faith in you and one or two of your soldiers. I recognize that at this point in Guyana’s history a government led by you is the best choice for our nation moving forward. But I don’t think many Guyanese realize just why this was so necessary. It is necessary because it is the first step in changing the political tradition which has ripped our nation limb from limb.

Tonight, I expected to be happy now that you’ve been sworn in but instead I find…

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  • Thinker  On 05/30/2015 at 8:50 am

    This plea is for all Guyanese people to be freed from narrow ethnic thought slavery. The new administration has to rise to the occasion and deal with national concerns in a completely transparent manner in which the press is to play an unfettereds role. No more intimidation and coersion. We have had 49 years of it and are fed up.

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