Guyana Elections 2015: PPP/C calls for Dr Steve Surujbally to resign

PPP/C calls for Surujbally to resign

Stabroek News – 18 May 2015

Gecom imageKeeping up its barrage of attacks on the quality of last Monday’s general elections, the PPP/C today called for the resignation of the Chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission, Dr Steve Surujbally.

International observer groups and local bodies have given the elections a clean bill of health.

Reports are that the PPP/C, which lost the election by a narrow margin is preparing to file an election petition to challenge the results.

The PPP/C press release follows:  

Prior to the May 11th General and Regional Elections, the PPP/C raised concerns both publicly and privately with the GECOM Chairman, Commission and Secretariat, the advance assessment teams of the UN, Commonwealth and the Carter Centre, the diplomatic community, and subsequently with the International Observer Missions with regard to the partiality of the GECOM machinery.

The recruitment of polling staff connected to the APNU+AFC coalition was known and the PPPC consistently raised its concerns publicly months before during the recruitment and training periods.

Fears were also expressed about the removal of the foreign IT Specialist at a critical time just two weeks before the elections and the denial of requests for public disclosures of GECOM Elections Day staff. This lack of transparency and willingness to enhance public trust and confidence by GECOM in the face of blatant infiltration of the machinery by known APNU+AFC activists is an indictment.

Our public positions were supported with conclusive evidence that a number of irregularities were carried out on elections day and the period immediately thereafter particularly multiple voting, creation of fraudulent and fictitious SOP’s etc, to such an extent that any government formed on the basis of declared results (without a recount ) would not reflect the will of the people of Guyana.
Our positions remain the same today in the face of the refusal of GECOM to conduct the recount of a close-finish race, the PPP/C considers the APNU-AFC government as de facto coming in on fraudulent elections.

These events, not surprising, have contributed to the loss of confidence in the GECOM machinery and more particularly it’s Chairman, Dr. Surujbally. The PPP/C calls for the immediate resignation of Dr. Surujbally as Chairman.

The PPP/C has collected and will continue to collect further evidence to file an elections petition.

The PPP/C also condemns the wide scale provocations currently being meted out to its supporters by the APNU-AFC supporters.We are aware of the many acts of the APNU-AFC coalition even at this early stage events of provocation, discrimination, and persecution are taking place.The PPP/C has established a hotline number for the public to call in and report such incidences.

Furthermore we call on the international and diplomatic communities to condemn such acts.

The PPP/c wishes to assure victims of Election Day violence that it will actively pursue compensation for loss of vehicles and property.
The party urges its supporters to remain mobilized for further action and committed to the defence of democracy in Guyana.
The PPP/C will continue to update the country on our evolving position.

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  • Gigi  On 05/22/2015 at 7:40 am

    Resignation is too mild a justice for this unethical, immoral, corrupt and ignoble character who has brought shame and disgrace to Guyana and the Guyanese people, his family, and the office of GECOM.

    He needs to dragged into the town square and stone to death by the voters he cheated and robbed. And I will bet you that the crowd will be massively larger than the crowd he gave the election to. Let the occasion serve as a new method for dealing with this band of thieving, immoral and unethical lot, now and in the future.

    Shame! Shame! Shame! on you Surujbally! And the simpering and equally disgraceful SK and KN and the ABC countries for their covert and overt role in the machinations of this blatantly fraudulent and violent election.

    The ABC countries are a laughing stock around the world when it comes to democracy. And here we see their bullyism, spite, vindictiveness and petty disposition on full display by their “educated and professional” class who are the ones to blame for the sorry state of affairs in their very own country. And what do they do? Instead of trying to restore democracy in their own country, they, like the “educated professionals” they are, are lashing out and punishing countries trying to hard to achieve and emulate a democratic society. How do you folks live with your conscience? Through mindless distraction with soma?

    As for Stabroek News, that outlet has no ounce of independence as it falsely claimed in its response to a letter writer. It’s an outlet living on welfare it receives from ABC countries so there’s no independence. However, you would think SN would use the welfare dole to educate its staff. Instead, even their education level remains at the 20/30% intellectual literacy rate with the rest of the country. (Hence its constant plagiarized editorials – the recent one on Israel and Nigeria elections, the Baltimore riot it lifted from the Guardian, another from the Atlantic a while back, and many others.) Even still, SN editorials are so badly written you know they have no clue what they writing or trying to say. Guyana’s functioning literacy rate (some ability to read and write basic stuff) is around 70%, according to studies done. However, Guyana’s actual literacy rate (measured by full comprehension of basic reading) is around 20/30%. Sadly, SN isn’t helping in their role of educating the public.

    I read SN the same way Noam Chomsky reads the NYT – gritting my teeth and attacking it with red ink. I did the same yesterday when its editorial brazenly proclaimed that the APNU+AFC coalition got the majority of Guyana’s mostly older and educated voters. The coalition may have gotten the older voters but DEFINITELY NOT THE EDUCATED ONES! And that’s a FACT!

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