Swearing in of President David Granger – Capitol TV News video

SPECIAL REPORT: Swearing in of President David Granger

By Capitol TV News – Guyana

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  • Leslie Chin  On May 17, 2015 at 4:34 pm

    Following the euphoria of the APNU/ANC win President David Granger has invited the PPP/C to join in a government of national unity. This would be a good thing for Guyana. It would unite the highly divided factions and mobilise all patriotic Guyanese at home and abroad to rebuild their country. Guyana is rich in natural resources and hydro electric potential. Here are some projects the new government can consider to grow the economy and create jobs:

    • Primary processing of bauxite to alumina or even to aluminum has been talked about for years.
    • Timber can be processed into lumber and furniture for export. Cleared forest areas should be replanted with indigenous hard wood species and teak.
    • We can grow wheat and raise cattle in the Rupununi.
    • The Polder Canal areas are very fertile. You only have to drop seeds and anything will grow.
    • Oil may be present off the Essequibo coast; exploration is ongoing.
    • Sugar cane can be grown to produce alcohol for fuel like they do in Brazil.
    • Water intensive crops are being phased out in California. Some of these crops may be suitable for cultivation in the “Land of Waters”.
    • Infrastructure construction is badly needed – roads, water supply and sewerage systems, transportation, electricity supply, communications, medical services, etc.
    • Environmental issues should be given high priority. Global warming is causing sea levels to rise in and around Georgetown. We should start cleaning up the drainage canals of garbage, repair the kokers and install wind powered pumps. We should also start moving parts of the city to higher ground. Perhaps a new capital like Brasilia should be built.

    Guyanese should not have to emigrate for better opportunities. Guyana and many countries around the world has been a training school for the developed countries depriving the sending countries of much needed talent. It is time to stop the brain drain. Before independence in 1966 people would go abroad to study but would return; now they stay abroad after their studies. If we were to embark on some of the programmes mentioned above there will be sufficient challenges to keep graduates at home.

    • Anthony G. Bollers  On May 18, 2015 at 11:14 am

      Leslie, Your points are “Spot on” I agree 100 percent! It is a Monumental task to get them done, however it is the vision for the present and future of Guyana. It will also take a lot of Human and Financial Capital but they can be accomplished with the will of the people.

  • Leslie Chin  On May 18, 2015 at 11:57 pm

    A journey of a 1000 leagues start with a single step (Mao Tse Tung). Let’s hope that Guyana has taken that proverbial first step by electing a government which is willing to form a government of national unity. A second step the government can take is to tap in to the rich pool of Guyanese talent in Canada, the USA and Great Britain. It is estimated that there may be 150,000 Guyanese and their descendants in the Greater Toronto Area of Ontario, Canada alone. Most of them have professional qualifications. If only 1% of those people would participate in a programme to provide technical expertise and assistance to the new Guyana government then that would amount to a lot of knowledge. I had attended working groups in Science and Technology organised by Guyanese so I know there are people who are willing to participate and contribute. The Government should take the initiative and tap into this resource.

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