APNU+AFC coalition claims victory in Monday’s elections with “commanding lead”

Opposition coalition claims victory in Monday’s elections with “commanding lead”

APNU_AFCdeclare votesTuesday, 12 May 2015 15:41 -Written by   – Demerara Waves

Coalition Presidential candidate, David Granger said that after  counting from 2,025 statements of poll, APNU+AFC has won 182,176 votes compared to 157,947 by the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPPC)—a commanding lead that “we feel will be difficult to close.”  

The coalition said it would be awaiting the official results from GECOM which plans to do so from 6PM Tuesday. “The APNU+AFC Coalition, therefore, after careful examination of the results can be seen to have a commanding lead in the polls.  APNU+AFC continues to urge its supporters to remain calm as the official announcement of the results of the elections is awaited,” said the coalition.

Ramotar, in a statement earlier Tuesday, expressed confidence that his PPPC would clinch victory in the polls widely regarded as the keenest contest since 1964 when the PPP was displaced by a coalition between the People’s National Congress (PNC) and The United Force (TUF).

The coalition is crediting what it believed was an unassailable lead to improved showing in Regions Four and 10.

Granger said he was not fearful that that the figures that he presented would be contradicted but believed that more harm can be done if there is an abnormal delay. He believes that it is better to show how the votes are being tabulated.

On the issue of unrest, the APNU+AFC coalition says it has no interest in disorder or disobedience of the law. “We ran a clean campaign,” he said, adding that if anyone breaks the Code of Conduct for Political Parties it would be the PPPC.

On the thorny issue of whether the coalition should not have awaited official announcements of preliminary results and the declaration, Granger said “we have an obligation to communicate with our supporters and general public.”

The following info is from Mosquito Website:

Election analysis: Georgetown Wipeout

Here are the unofficial results from the APNUAFC with 88% of SOPs counted on which they based their announcement that they were going to win.

Two early points

1) There have been very little changes in voting patterns. For example Region Two, where APNUAFC hoped to make inroads, still went strongly red – 67% as compared to 70% in 2011; Regions Five 55% red (2011 53%); Region Six is interesting because this time the PPP/C took 56%, a decline from 59% in 2011.

2) Georgetown Wipe Out: The PPP/C is being destroyed in Georgetown North and South – APNU/AFC 50386 votes PPP/C 12,742 80/20 (these numbers are on the APNUAFC sheet) . So the Harper gambit, appealing to urban professionals, does not appear to have paid off at all. This has led to a Region Four running margin of 47,712 when last time the combined opposition won by 34,394. And that has made all the difference.

3) Region Four Turnout likely to be little changed. With 773 of 893 SOPs counted votes for Region Four are  137079. The total in 2011 was 156,192. With an average SOP of 153 that’s about 18,860 votes left to count which would take the total up to 155,939. A decline for the total but the APNUAFC turnout now at 92009, will likely top 100,000.

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