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Guyana Elections 2015: GECOM preliminary results – release #1 – Tuesday 12 May 2015

GECOM releases first set of preliminary results

ballot boxTuesday 12 May 2015 – 7.00PM – Stabroek News

TOTAL Voters registered = 570,787

TOTAL polling stations = 2,299  Continue reading

PPP also claims statistical victory in Monday’s election

PPP also claims statistical victory in Monday’s election

Tuesday, 12 May 2015 17:21- Written by   – Demerara Waves

BREAKING: PPP also claims statistical victory in Monday's electionThe People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPPC) is also claiming statistical victory in Monday’s general elections, less than one hour after its main opponent claimed that it was enjoying a commanding lead.

PPPC Presidential Candidate, Donald Ramotar told a news conference at his party’s Freedom House headquarters that of the 2,213 Statements of Poll, his party has won 182, 664 votes and A Partnership for National Unity+ Alliance For Change (APNU+AFC) won 151, 095.

APNU+AFC coalition claims victory in Monday’s elections with “commanding lead”

Opposition coalition claims victory in Monday’s elections with “commanding lead”

APNU_AFCdeclare votesTuesday, 12 May 2015 15:41 -Written by   – Demerara Waves

Coalition Presidential candidate, David Granger said that after  counting from 2,025 statements of poll, APNU+AFC has won 182,176 votes compared to 157,947 by the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPPC)—a commanding lead that “we feel will be difficult to close.”   Continue reading

Guyana: Capitol TV News Reports – 11 May 2015

Guyana: Capitol TV News Reports – 11 May 2015

  • Sophia Residents clash with police over “illegal” polling place
  • Elections Results from 11 P.M
  • Granger out early to vote
  • Nagamootoo, Harper confident after casting ballots
  • Kwame McKoy up to old tricks again
  • Video footage shows no assault on Mc Koy to injure him
  • Unity Coalition happy with turnout
  • PPP not sure about polls
  • Voting in Berbice
  • GECOM gives reassurances

Click links below to view the TV News videos:-   Continue reading

Elections 2015 – GECOM Media Center Website – TV Channel streaming

The GECOM Election Centre’s website at which results will be announced is:

Click link below:-

The first results were to be announced at 11.00 p.m. and then every 2 hours thereafter. There was no announcement by GECOM at 11.00PM on Monday night. GECOM says that none will be made until sometime Tuesday 12 May 2015.
The Chairman and the CEO will answer questions.

Site sponsored by Guyana for Peace:   Continue reading

Guyana Elections Results 2015 – Statements of Poll – Stabroek News

Guyana Elections Results 2015 – Statements of Poll

Stabroek News: 11 May 2015

Stabroek News will this evening be publishing the results of Statements of Poll posted up outside of polling stations as they become available. Members of the public are reminded that these figures are not indicative of a trend but merely reflect the results from individual stations.

We are now posting official GECOM results on this page:

Guyana Elections Results 2015 – Final



Guyana Decides: 2015 Elections- UNOFFICIAL NATIONAL RESULTS

Guyana Decides – 2015 National and Regional Elections – Unofficial Results

A great soul said, ‘be the change your want to see’ – information for all.

In this Age of Information there are tools and methods that can be used to deliver information faster, accurately and transparently.
This initiative is a demonstration.

The official body for elections information is GECOM. This site collates publicly available information on places of poll and results.

CLICK to REFRESH SITE: https://sites.google.com/site/guyanadecides/

About this Initiative

Following the 2001 National & Regional Elections in Guyana, the Commonwealth Observer Group noted that with regards to the tabulation and results process, ‘there is no parallel transmission electronically or through texting or by any other means’ (pg 27) and recommended that ‘GECOM  should, in consultation with stakeholders, look into means by which the process can be streamlined in order to speed it up, while maintaining accuracy, transparency and accountability’ (pg 28). In trying to present results (unofficial) using an approach that is faster, accurate (photo evidence) and transparent (everyone can participate), this initiative is actually implementing an old idea. Given the ‘tension and discontent’ normally caused by GECOM’s reporting procedures in the past, it is believed that many Guyanese would welcome trying a better approach.

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