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Climate Disruption: Thought of the Week – By Rosaliene Bacchus

Three Worlds One Vision

Dutch government sued for climate action failure

Dutch government sued for climate action failure
Photo Credit: Urgenda, Netherlands

Landmark Dutch Lawsuit: The Urgenda Climate Case

The Urgenda Foundation has filed a lawsuit against the Dutch Government for not taking sufficient measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that cause dangerous climate change. The Urgenda Climate Case is the first case in Europe in which citizens attempt to hold a state responsible for its potentially devastating inaction.
~ The Urgenda Foundation, Netherlands

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Guyana Ex-Soldiers Asso. (Canada): Annual Oldies Dance – Toronto – May 23, 2015


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Guyana Ex-Soldiers Asso. (Canada) – Oldies Dance – Toronto- May 23, 2015

Download flyer: GESAC 2015 Oldies Flyer

With Confucius: Morality is Heaven! – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

With Confucius: Morality is Heaven!

By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine



We met at Hyde Park in London. We were from different worlds. He was Confucius, teacher and educator who is known for his lessons on propriety, virtue  and morality. I was a transplant. My ancestors went from India to the Caribbean and many of us are now part of a second indenture in which questions of identity, inclusion and outsidership are constantly asked and debated.

We sat on an elongated bench that overlooked the pond and the sounds of the Sunday soapboxes filled the air. The speakers bawled about every injustice imaginable and one man in a red suit called for the end to the world. This brought a short applause from a nearby group and a smile from Confucius. Continue reading

APNU+AFC blasts BaiShanLin for failure to honor promises to Guyana + videos

APNU+AFC blasts BaiShanLin for failure to honor promises to Guyana

May 5, 2015 | By | – As furor against Chinese company continues to rise
APNU+AFC  Dr. Rupert Roopnaraine

APNU+AFC Dr. Rupert Roopnaraine

A Partnership for National Unity plus Alliance for Change (APNU+AFC)’s Dr. Rupert Roopnaraine and Khemraj Ramjattan have both condemned the alarming rate at which concessions are being handed to BaiShanLin.

They say that this is being done at the expense of local businessmen. They also point to the company’s failure to honour its commitments to provide Guyanese employment.

These issues recently came to the fore with the revelations of the large tax concessions granted to the Chinese-owned company. BaiShanLin has been under scrutiny for its large scale extraction and export of Guyana’s timber using a primarily Chinese workforce.

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E-governance contract: AXE THE DAX – By Ralph Ramkarran


Posted on May 2, 2015   –  by

Ralph Ramkarran

Ralph Ramkarran

In 1962 the slogan ‘axe the tax’ became well known in then British Guiana. The United Force adopted it in its campaign against a tax on beer in the Kaldor Budget and against the PPP Government. The campaign was the beginning of a successful three-year, multi-national effort, marked by tremendous violence and property damage, to remove the PPP from office.

 The PPP had justice on its side in 1962 but in terms of strategy and public relations, shot itself in the foot. Fifty years later, shooting itself in the foot has become an occupational hazard for the PPP and its Governments.   Continue reading

Behind the Lens: Selma, 50 Years Later- White House photos

 Behind the Lens: Selma, 50 Years Later- White House photos

by Pete Souza, Chief Official White House Photographer

Selma March

Selma – March 7, 1965

March 7, 1965. It became known as “Bloody Sunday.” Six hundred people defied the warnings of authorities and attempted to march across the Edmund Pettus Bridge from Selma, Alabama, to show the desire of black American citizens to exercise their constitutional right to vote.

I was a young boy growing up in Massachusetts at the time, and I can’t say that I was aware of what was happening in Selma. I didn’t know the marchers were attacked at the bridge with billy clubs and tear gas. I didn’t know that there was this much hatred in the South between blacks and whites.  Continue reading

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