A Government of National Unity is the Best Solution for Guyana – By Dr. David Hinds

A Government of National Unity is the Best Solution for Guyana

Dr. David Hinds

Dr. David Hinds

Dr. David Hinds

The APNU/AFC coalition is campaigning on a promise of a Government of National Unity (GNU).

The APNU campaigned on it in 2011. Everywhere the message was enthusiastically embraced by Guyanese people of all races and classes. Above all it was embraced by the young people. This simple but powerful message of national unity and reconciliation provides Guyanese with the opportunity to once and for all break out of the political prisons in which we have been trapped since 1955. In voting for a GNU, Guyanese are voting directly for a solution to our problems of political and racial division.

The PPP, the WPA and the PNC at different times in the past have embraced the idea of a GNU. Now the AFC has embraced it. The political crisis brought on by 23 years of PPP misrule can be corrected by a government that includes all of the representatives of the people.

What is a Government of National Unity (GNU)?  

A GNU is a government that includes the representatives of all the parties which gained significant representation at the election.

It is a broad-based multi-party government in which all are included and none is excluded.

This means that the Cabinet Ministries are proportionately divided among the parties.

What a Government of National Unity will do

First, the GNU will ensure that all voters feel their votes count for something. It will be the fairest government Guyana has ever had. No bloc of votes will have more power than other blocs. In a GNU 48% will mean and act like 48%; 40% will mean 40%; and 10% will mean and act like 10%. This will be a drastic change from what we now have whereby the PPP has 48% of the votes but controls 100% of the ministries.

Second, the GNU puts an end to One-Party rule. No single party will have a monopoly on power. The representatives of all parties will be at the table. David Granger will be at the table. Nagamootoo will be at the table. Ramotar will be at the table. It would mean that all the major decisions about the allocation of resources will be jointly taken and not by a single party. No community or individual Guyanese will be left behind.

Third, the GNU will make governance easier. The parties will be forced to compromise and work together in the national interest. It will test the patriotism of the parties—whether they are in the Government for their narrow interests or the interests of the Guyanese people.

Fourth, a GNU is the most powerful symbol of Racial Unity. It will be a symbol of cooperation by all and not domination by any one group. It will be a government in which all races will see their representatives. It will put an end to charges of discrimination and marginalization by minority groups. The GNU will truly reflect our motto ofOne People, One Nation, One Destiny.

Fifth, the GNU will be better able to carry out the broad policies set by the parliament. Things such as raising old-age pension, abolishing or reducing VAT and reforming the constitution will not be left to one party. NCN will not be answering to the PPP alone, but to all the parties.

Sixth, people will no longer fear the government. People will no longer be afraid that if they do not toe the line of ruling party they will be fired or discriminated against. All parties will be ruling parties.

Seventh, under a GNU, the APNU and AFC will not have to beg the PPP to do the right thing; they will be in the government helping it to do the right thing.

Eighth, under a GNU corruption will be eliminated.  Instead of one set of eyes in the Government there will be several sets.

Finally, freed of the past ills of rancor and divisiveness, a GNU will be able to unleash the full potential of the Guyanese people. Local and foreign investment are more likely to boom as a result of the greater social cohesion and political stability.


Dr. David Hinds, a political activist and commentator, is an Associate Professor of Political Science and Caribbean and African Diaspora Studies at Arizona State University. More of his writings and commentaries and other news and views on Guyana and Caribbean politics can be found on his YouTube Channel Hinds’ Sight: Dr. David Hinds’ Guyana-Caribbean Politics and on his website http://www.guyanacaribbeanpolitics.com

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  • C.MARTINS  On 04/30/2015 at 12:24 pm

    Government Of National Unity — the only hope for a new and good GUYANA.
    ( it is so bad now that we need good before we can even get to better). Most ‘clear’ thinking Guyanese are disgusted, ashamed. with a feeling of hopelessness as regards our once beautiful Guyana.
    When one considers the manner in which the PPP has misgoverned it is truly sickening.
    Here’s hoping that the GNU will remember what they were put there to do and not simply make cosmetic changes and then follow in the footsteps of the PPP.
    (Hard to trust politicians!)

  • N.Augustus  On 04/30/2015 at 1:19 pm

    Dr Hinds is obviously not a PPP supporter, since he mentions them when he identifiies them with evils, One hopes that National Unity Government will not be based more on jobs for the leaders and key supporters than on jobs for the ordinary voters. Three thing are needed for success, patriotism, consensus and competence byh the cabinet and majority in parliament. Based on the record, voters will be asked to vote on hope not on confidence that the govt. will do as much as expectedc. Just saying

  • Leslie Chin  On 04/30/2015 at 11:43 pm

    What Dr Hinds is advocating (GNU) is better than a coalition government. Proportional representation in a multi-party system approportions seats according to votes received but if the party with the largest plurality can form a coalition with other like minded parties they can form the government like in Israel and the UK which are still right of center governments. Occasionally the party with the largest plurality cannot cannot form a coalition and is forced to join with the next largest party to form a GNU. This has happened in Israel in the past,

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