Black Baltimore residents aren’t ‘animals’. We punish people for killing animals

Black Baltimore residents aren’t ‘animals’. We punish people for killing animals

Jason NicholsThe Guardian News

baltimoreThe protests over the death of Freddie Gray turned violent, so white people returned to using their latest euphemism for African Americans

After massive protests in the streets of Baltimore to raise awareness about Baltimore City police practices and to demand answers and accountability in the death of Freddie Gray, the 25-year-old man whose spine and neck were severed in 4 different places while in police custody – eventually resulted in the destruction of property and serious injury to some police officers, the protesters’ frustration prompted many white people (on blogs and in social media) to refer to black Baltimoreans as “animals” for their actions.  

But “animals” is a misnomer. People – including police officers – are punished for killing or doing harm to domestic animals. Baltimore has busted dog fighting rings and sent offenders to prison for animal cruelty. In 2014, former Baltimore City police officer Alec Taylor was sentenced to a year behind bars for killing a dog. That might not seem like much, but it is longer than the sentences given to the killers of Michael BrownEric GarnerTrayvon MartinRekia Boyd or 7-year-old Aiyana Stanley-Jones.  

“Animals” seems to have become the new epithet to use to refer to African American: we have gone from being called “niggers”, to “predators” in the 90s, “thugs” in the 2000s and now “animals”. [Read more]

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  • guyaneseonline  On 04/30/2015 at 6:28 am

    Right-Wing Media Blames Everyone but Police for Baltimore Unrest
    Terrance Heath, Op-Ed

    Why is the mainstream media ignoring the thousands of peaceful protestors across the country and only focusing on the ones that turn violent? Right-wingers blame everyone, including President Obama, except the police, who are at the heart of the matter.

    Read the full story…

  • gigi  On 05/02/2015 at 1:55 pm

    It is an regardless of skin color. Animals in no way behave like humans who are supposed to be civilized because of their superior brains. No, I would not compare animals to humans because animals, especially dogs and cats, are by far the better of the two species. Even hyenas, my least favourite animals are not as vicious as most humans.

    That being said, Baltimore has mostly been under democrat control for the last 60 years. Republicans have had control for about 4/5 of those 60 years. The e majority of its politicians are Black and are democrats even when it was under republican control. Baltimorians overwhelmingly vote race tied to political identity. As a result, over 60% (some put this number closer to 80%) of Baltimore’s population live in poverty. Baltimore, like Detriot, like Chicago, like Atlanta, like Philly, like Newark, like Ferguson all have similar structural problems. The definition of stupidity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

    It’s interesting that white people love to raise the issue of black racism but are conveniently silent on the plight of the Native Americans. Talking about racism against blacks makes white people feel superior as they get to pontificate and lament about the issue and pretend to want to do something. What’s going on in black ghettos is no different than what is going on Indian reservations. To talk about the reservation means that they would have to give back lands and resources. BUT since they are still taking and taking and taking, that conversation is never going to happen. Talking about black racism provides a nice distraction they are more than happy to initiate by instigating racial strife to produce discussions to feed their superiority complex, and to deflect from the Indian genocide and continuing apartheid. The blacks like Obama, Eric Holder, the political black class including the Baltimore politicians, and the likes Michael Eric Dyson – all crabs in a barrel – are only happy too oblige and facilitate racism to advance themselves by selling out the black people.

    It’s ironic that the PNC/APNU-AFC coalition is using the Obamas to gain the black votes in Guyana with David Hinds serving as an aspiring Dyson – a crab still at the very bottom of the barrel. African-Americans under Obama have fared the worst during his presidency. They have the highest unemployment (not from outsourcing but from cuts in govt jobs that predominantly employed blacks), the highest poverty, and the highest incarceration rates. When one looks at the continent of Africa and the REAL reason Obama was selected and elected, his pivot is now in its 7th year, one sees another devastating reality of the Obama black agenda. An agenda to destabilize, exploit, and brutally slaughter the people on this continent to gain access to their resources for the benefit of him and his white masters. An agenda the people of Africa have foolhardily allowed to happen because they too willing embrace Obama. Is this what the PNC/APNU+AFC is telling black Guyanese to vote for when they position themselves with Obama? A vote for us is a vote for Obama and his policies! And people are actually supporting this? I hope brighter minds prevail come May 11th. These are NOT the folks Guyanese want deciding the fate of their country.

    “[O]nly a few weeks ago, AFRICOM hosted military lawyers from 17 African nations at its headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany. The subject of the gathering: “the rule of law.” As Lieutenant General Steven Hummer, AFRICOM deputy to the commander of military operations, said in his opening remarks, “The rule of law is our most important export.” Turse has a slightly different interpretation of what the U.S. is “exporting” to Africa along with destabilization and blowback. … as American military operations have ramped up across Africa, reaching a record 674 missions in 2014 […] For years, as U.S. military personnel moved into Africa in ever-increasing numbers, AFRICOM has effectively downplayed, disguised, or covered-up almost every aspect of its operations, from the locations of its troop deployments to those of its expanding string of outposts.”

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