Why China and India face a marriage crisis – The Economist – video

Why China and India face a marriage crisis

Published on Apr 23, 2015 – The Economist video

China and India – home to a third of humanity – both face a marriage crisis that will last for generations. A mere five years ago marriage patterns were normal in the two countries.

Now in China 50m ‘guanggun’ – ‘bare branches’ – look doomed to bachelor-dom, while in India 500 year-old laws are being revised to allow men to marry out of caste, village and state.
What has lead to this marriage squeeze?

First, millions women have gone “missing”. A generation ago, a preference for sons and the greater availability of prenatal screening meant first Chinese couples, then Indian ones, started aborting female fetuses and only giving birth to boys. At its extreme, in parts of Asia, more than 120 boys were being born for every 100 girls. Now, the generation with distorted sex ratios at birth is reaching marriageable age.

The result is that single men far outnumber women.
If China had had a normal sex ratio at birth, its female population in 2010 would have been 720m. In fact, it was only 655m, compared with almost 705m men and boys— 50m surplus husbands.

Fertility rates then accentuate this distortion.
When a country’s fertility rate is going down (as in India) younger cohorts of people will tend to be smaller than older ones. If men are older than women at marriage, as they usually are, there will be fewer potential brides than husbands because women will have been born later, when fertility is lower.

Then there is a queuing effect. Men who cannot find a wife right away go on looking, and competing with younger men. As a result, the number of unmarried men piles up, as in a queue. By 2060, there could be more than 160 Chinese and Indian men wanting to marry for every 100 women.
This is a ferocious squeeze in countries where marriage has always been a basic requirement for being a full member of society. It could be hugely harmful. Almost everywhere, large numbers of single men are associated with high rates of crime and violence. No one really knows how these two giant countries will react.

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  • compton de castro  On 04/28/2015 at 1:35 am

    Interesting statistics…..
    Maybe the men can all join the priesthood and become celebate.😇
    or better still have sex change.
    Joking of course 😀

    1. A war wil hallf the men population.
    2. Double military intake
    3. Survival of the strongest/fitest/most competitive of special.

    at my cynical best.

    Reverse the trend by introducing laws that favour female offsprings….
    Taxation the weapon of mass distribution of wealth.😇

    Que sera

  • gigi  On 04/30/2015 at 12:04 am

    My, how the tables have turned and it is now the woman placing demands on husband material. Compounding the problem is that Asian men (Indian, Chinese, Japanese, etc) prefer to marry within their ethnicity whereas their female counterparts have no such preferences. Compounding the problem even more is the competition – aided by globalization – among Asian and White males for Asian females. All’s fair in love and war…no?

  • compton de castro  On 04/30/2015 at 3:02 am

    Absolutely hilarious laughter….with a giggle😈

    Female power should never be “underestimated”….😇

    What about the ” preferences” of gays for gays ?😈
    Love to read your spin on that one.

    Interbreeding of the races will benefit the whole human race.
    Culture/religion the obstacle to overcome. Economics also.
    Politically the wishes of the majority as important.
    Hitler was stupid in his ideology of the “super race” he would have been better advised to go for “multiracial” Germany/world.

    Enjoyed “all is fair in love and war” finale….
    May add “make love and peace not war” much more entertaining/enjoyable.😇

    Que sera

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