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Guyana Elections 2015- APNU+AFC Joint Manifesto online

APNU+AFC Manifesto launched

APNU+AFC Manifesto launched

Here is the Official APNU+AFC Manifesto – released on April 30, 2015

Download the Manifesto:




The following document was leaked earlier:

Read/ Download:  Guyana Elections 2015- APNU+AFC Joint Manifesto 



The coalition has issued the following statement:

APNU+AFC tonight is concerned about the dissemination of an incomplete and unofficial document purporting to be the coalitions’ official manifesto. 

While substantial parts of the document contain policy initiatives that are currently being discussed, it can by no means be considered an approved statement of policy of both the APNU and the AFC.

Further dissemination or reliance on this document is therefore not recommended, as it does not represent the official manifesto of APNU+AFC.

Editor’s Note: Since this document is already in the public domain we have not deleted it from this blog…but please note the statement of the APNU+AFC above.

President Carter, a true Friend of Guyana, visits again – by Ralph Ramkarran


Posted on April 18, 2015  – by
Jimmy Carter

President Jimmy Carter

When the US Government under President Bush decided in 1990 that it would support free and fair elections in Guyana, it was the Carter Centre that was called upon to act as the midwife for a new era of democracy in Guyana. Even though the Hoyte government’s lifeline of international financial and diplomatic support had been partially severed, the government still resisted the reforms demanded by the then opposition. It required the renowned stature and nuanced diplomatic skills of President Carter to negotiate the necessary concessions that would guarantee free and fair elections. President Carter’s name will remain forever associated with Guyana’s democracy.

President Carter and the Carter Centre remained engaged with Guyana. It established a permanent office, mounted a second full observer mission for the 2001 elections and conducted a focused observation for the 2006 elections. On both occasions it concluded that the elections were free and fair.   Continue reading

Guyana: Capitol TV News Videos: 22 April 2015

Guyana: Capitol TV News Videos: 22 April 2015

  • Ramotar makes re-election pitch to private sector
  • Activist Sherlina Nageer refuses apology from Health Minister
  • Army chief says ex-military men have a right to participate in elections
  • Police Force prepares for elections
  • Coalition details plans for women
  • Health Minister threatens to slap, strip woman activist
  • Elderly Guyanese man robbed after arriving home from airport
  • Sports

Click links below to view the TV News Videos:-   Continue reading

The PPP is responsible for the militarization of large segments of society – GHK Lall

The PPP is responsible for the militarization of large segments of society

Wednesday, 22 April 2015 16:27  –  Written by  GHK Lall

Today there is loud talk of the militarization of the opposition.  It is part of the mauling of apprehensive supporters, through persistent injections of fear.  This was followed by the comment of “big trouble” brewing; and the bravado of being “battle ready.”  More and more this has progressed beyond the regular stridency of an election campaign, and clearly into the ferocity of war talk from a war party.  Today, however, the focus is on this business about “militarization.”

First, there is this pointed slur against those who have served this country loyally, including during multiple PPP administrations.  To attach sinister motives to their presence in the opposition ranks is not only disturbing, but dangerous.  The concern is self-serving, and ignores conveniently what has grown exponentially in this society under the PPP.  That is, the militarization of this society, through its own policies and actions, and its failures, too.  Continue reading

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