Guyana Cultural Asso. New York- April 2015 On-Line Magazine

 Guyana Cultural Asso. New York- April 2015 On-Line Magazine

GCC-NY April 2015

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LETTER FROM THE EDITOR  – Lear Matthews – April Editor.

Greetings! Wah happenin dey?…..We are grateful for the continued support of our patrons and delighted to welcome new readers, as the long anticipated spring blooms fresh daffodils, tulips and water lilies in both our adopted home and our dear land of rivers, streams, savannahs and majestic mountains. A country as rich in tradition as its natural resources, yearning for transformation that would unleash its real potential, and to which many in the Diaspora will truly call “home” again.

These are certainly historic and interesting times. Guyanese will once again go to the polls on May 11, 2015, marking an unprecedented milestone in our nation’s history. It is our hope that whatever the outcome of the much anticipated and hyped elections, the nation will be recalibrated from a state of stagnation, tension and strife and move toward an uninterrupted path of unity and progressive change.

In this edition we highlight the 90th birthday celebration of a mighty son of the soil, Eusi Kwayana (formerly Sydney King). The overwhelming response to our solicitation of tributes for this significant milestone was incredible.

Relatives, friends and acquaintances, prolific in their accolades, were all ready to honor this noble man, this stalwart, this founding father.

Profiles of two notable Guyanese females, Sybil A. Patterson, an educator and community activist, Radha Singh, a brilliant musician, represent the significant contributions of those who are not heralded enough.

Our focus on youth features Damali Abrams, a talented Artist in Residence. The incomparable Dave Martins, in his nostalgic piece asks “What ever happened”? reminding us of the inevitable but hard-to-believe cultural transformations.

In preparation for the Guyana Cultural Association summer program activities, we present information about the annual Summer Heritage Camp, including venue, staffing needs, and registration requirements. Additional information, including a full schedule of GCA events for 2015 will be provided soon.

Enjoy the read and photographic images!  Wherever you go -Walk good!

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  • guyaneseonline  On April 22, 2015 at 9:03 am

    Eusi Kwayana: A Tribute on his 90th Birthday
    By T. Eric Matthews

    Eusi – a man of thought and action, a foot soldier in the mighty army of Justice. Philosopher, visionary, seer, sage, mzee, guru, sensei, griot, master – a man of the people, a son of the soil whose journey is far from over, whose earthly mission continues.

    Eusi – a founding father of our political independence, survivor of those dark and turbulent days whose way, though pock-marked with disappointments and difficulties, with arrests and detentions, remains informed yet humble, direct yet expansive, didactic yet permeable to fresh thought and action, above all, resilient, and dignified.

    Eusi – whose words of wisdom pour forth like priceless pearls. We sit at your feet, we listen. We read your words and we are strengthened and refreshed. We see you and by example are called into action.

    Eusi – Invoke the ancestral spirits! Span the Great Water! Africa, the Caribbean, the Americas! Defy the coffle! Defy the dungeons! Defy the ships! Defy the chains! Defy the whip! Congo to Essequibo, Zambezi to Mazaruni, Gambia to Demerara. The drums will not be silent!

    Eusi – You are our vital source, our fountain of good, our ever-flowing river, our national treasure. Your earthly mission continues. We are surely blessed. We are grateful.

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