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Jamaica’s new “Ganja Law” + Bob Marley & Peter Tosh – Legalize It (Live 4-10-75)

Jamaica’s new “Ganja Law” goes into effect April 15, 2015

Marijuana - Ganga

Marijuana – Ganga

KINGSTON, Jamaica, Tuesday April 14, 2015, CMC – The Jamaica government says the Dangerous Drugs (Amendment) Act 2015, commonly referred to as the “Ganja Law” and passed by both Houses of Parliament in February, goes into effect on Wednesday.

A statement from the Ministry of Justice Monday said that notification of the Governor General’s assent to the Act has been published in the official Gazette and that the Minister of Justice, Mark Golding will bring the legislation into operation this week, April,15.

The Ministry of Justice said that the legislation is expected to have a number of positive implications for Jamaica, including strengthening respect for the rule of law and building a more just society, by eliminating a common cause of corrosive antagonism between the police and young men, particularly in less affluent communities.  Continue reading

Coming to Terms With the American Empire – commentary

Coming to Terms With the American Empire

Geopolitical WeeklyGeopolitical Weekly  – April 14, 2015 | 07:54 GMT  –By George Friedman

“Empire” is a dirty word. Considering the behavior of many empires, that is not unreasonable. But empire is also simply a description of a condition, many times unplanned and rarely intended. It is a condition that arises from a massive imbalance of power. Indeed, the empires created on purpose, such as Napoleonic France and Nazi Germany, have rarely lasted. Most empires do not plan to become one. They become one and then realize what they are. Sometimes they do not realize what they are for a long time, and that failure to see reality can have massive consequences.

World War II and the Birth of an Empire

The United States became an empire in 1945. It is true that in the Spanish-American War, the United States intentionally took control of the Philippines and Cuba. It is also true that it began thinking of itself as an empire, but it really was not. Cuba and the Philippines were the fantasy of empire, and this illusion dissolved during World War I, the subsequent period of isolationism and the Great Depression.   Continue reading

The End of the US Boom – commentary

The End of the US Boom

A demonstrator holds a sign during a rally outside Wall Street in New York

With a sharp slowdown and a relatively weak jobs report, the boom in the U.S. economy has come to an end. Why is it that so many professional economists and economic reporters mistook the strength of the U.S. economy?

Published: April 14, 2015 | Authors: Dean Baker |

Campaign for America’s Future | Op-Ed

The Labor Department reported the U.S. economy created 126,000 jobs in March. This was a sharp slowdown from the 290,000 average over the prior three months. This relatively weak jobs report led many economic analysts to comment that the economy may not be as strong as they had believed.

This reassessment is welcome, but it really raises the question of why so many professional economists and economic reporters could be so badly mistaken about the strength of the economy. There never was much basis for claiming a boom in the U.S. economy and the people claiming otherwise were relying on a very selective reading of the data.   Continue reading

Guyana: Capitol TV News videos -13 April 2015

Guyana: Capitol TV News videos -13 April 2015

  • Election Campaign rhetoric heats
  • HIV/AIDS infections on the decline in the Caribbean
  • Dead bodies continue to turn up
  • Hand in hand Insurance offers more services
  • Election Campaign- PPP candidates complain
  • Sports

Click to view the TV News videos:

Election Campaign rhetoric heats

Posted: 13 Apr 2015 07:09 PM PDT      Continue reading

All our political leaders must embrace the desire for change- commentary

All our political leaders must embrace the desire for change

It is a moot point as to whether the PPP/C recognises this, so intent are they on maintaining the narrative that whatever ills the country might be suffering are the fault of Mr Forbes Burnham (who died in 1985) and the PNC (defeated at the polls in 1992). Indeed, so keen are they to trumpet their success in developing the country during the past 23 years that party apparatchiks like Mr Hydar Ally can speak of “the creation of a modern and broad-based economy,” as in a letter to the editor on Wednesday.   Continue reading

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