Guyana Elections: Major political candidates agree to public forum

Presidential and Prime Ministerial candidates agree to public forum

April 12, 2015 | By KNews |

David Granger Photo: APNU+AFC Presidential candidate, David Granger

The Presidential and Prime Ministerial candidates for the two major political parties have agreed to participate in a public forum hosted by the Guyana Women’s Roundtable (GWR) and the Guyana National Youth Council (GNYC).

According to the organisers, the forum is aimed at allowing the candidates from both the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) and A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance for Change (APNU+AFC) coalition, to address youth and women issues.

Each political party will have separate days to address the forum at the Theatre Guild, Parade Street, Kingston. The general public will be allowed to participate by pre-submitting questions via email to or the GNYC Facebook page by noon April 13 and April 15, respectively. 

Dawn Stewart, a GWR representative, also explained that all questions will be vetted and compiled so as to avoid repetition at the forum. A handful of persons will also be allowed to ask questions during the forums.

Tomorrow, (April 13), APNU+AFC Presidential candidate, David Granger and Prime Ministerial candidate, Moses Nagamootoo, will have the chance to answer attendees’ questions from 18:00hours.

Meanwhile, the PPP/C Presidential and Prime Ministerial candidates, Donald Ramotar and Elisabeth Harper are set to address the Theatre Guild forum on Wednesday (April 14) for the same two hours.

Each candidate will have the chance to briefly present the visions for Guyana with relation to its human capital.
Additionally, discussions will surround a number of topics including crime, justice and violence, health and healthcare, entrepreneurship and employability, education and the inclusion of youth and women in Governance and Democracy.

donaldramotarnew   Photo: PPP/C Presidential candidate, Donald Ramotar

“At the end of the Forum, Candidates will be asked to sign a pledge of commitment to take action on the highlighted issues within the first six months of being in office,” a joint release indicated.

GWR has stated that after a political body has been elected to serve Guyana, the organisation plans to arrange a system where they are able to meet with the newly elected members of Parliament. This will serve to re-evaluate projects and continue to educate the public on civic participation and empowerment of women.

While this initial forum will have participants from the two main competing parties, Dr Dawn Stewart, event organiser from GWR, revealed to this publication the group is open to include the smaller parties in future forums.

“We are operating in accordance with GECOM’s (Guyana Elections Commission) recommendation,” said Dr Stewart when asked why other Political parties were not involved in the forum. She said that once the final list of party candidates are confirmed the GNYC will continue with further forums to include outlying parties.

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