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Eusi Kwayana: A Guyanese Political Legend turns 90 – By Dr. David Hinds

Eusi Kwayana: A Guyanese Political Legend turns 90

By Dr. David Hinds

eusi Kwayana -in 2014

Eusi Kwayana -in 2014

 Today, April 4, 2015, Eusi Kwayana turns 90. It is difficult to properly analyze modern Guyanese politics without taking into consideration Eusi Kwayana’s wide ranging contributions. His political career has spanned the seven decades, which mirrors the period normally referred to as the modern phase of Guyanese and Caribbean politics. This article pays tribute to Kwayana by offering an overview of his political life and work.

Political Biography

Eusi Kwayana, formerly Sydney King, was born 1925 and has been involved in Guyana’s national politics since 1947.He has been referred to as the “Sage of Buxton,”“Renaissance Man”and “Guyana’s Gandhi,” among other descriptions. He is multi-faceted– political activist, educator, writer, journalist, dramatist, folklorist and historian. But it is as a political activist that Kwayana has made his most telling contribution. He has become one of Guyana’s most distinguished political leaders. Ironically, he has also been one of the most controversial and misunderstood public personalities.   Continue reading

We should not allow the political dinosaurs make us demean or deny uplifting aspects of our identity – By Dr. David Hinds

We should not allow the political dinosaurs make us demean or deny uplifting aspects of our identity.

Dr. David Hinds

Dr. David Hinds

By Dr. David Hinds

We should not allow the evil of racism, Guyana’s frustrating politics and the political dinosaurs in the PPP to drive us to border on demeaning or denying some uplifting aspects of our identity. Identity is complex; it is partly who we say we are and partly how others perceive us. Identity is also a historical phenomenon that is sometimes determined my migration- forced and voluntary—and by people faced with extinction or threat to their honor bonding together.

Given our history in Guyana multiple identities is a given whether we as individuals choose to affirm them or not. Most people choose to affirm one of those most of the time. There are different identities—Civic (Guyanese, Trinidadian, American, Pakistani, Nigerian); Cultural/Ethnic (African, Indian, Irish, Latino, Jewish, Hindu, Moslem, Yoruba); Racial (Black, Brown, White, Yellow, Red)—to name three. There are times when civic and ethnic identities are the same as in Japan and Portugal. This is not the case in Guyana and the overwhelming majority of countries in the world.  Continue reading

Madeiran Portuguese Migration to Guyana, St. Vincent, Antigua and Trinidad – By Jo-Anne S. Ferreira

Madeiran Portuguese Migration to Guyana, St. Vincent, Antigua and Trinidad:

A Comparative Overview

Madeira Island click for info

Madeira Island click for more info – Wikipedia also click map to enlarge

By Jo-Anne S. Ferreira – University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad.

THIS PAPER REPRESENTS a preliminary exploration of Madeiran migration to the Anglophone Caribbean.1 It seeks to consider the phenomenon of Madeiran migration in the context of the wider Anglophone Caribbean by comparing and contrasting the waves of Madeiran migration across the region, including the extent and rate of cultural assimilation in each new home of Madeiran migrants. Apart from the primary sources available for the Portuguese community of Trinidad, mainly secondary sources have been used and assessed for the other territories as an initial basis for comparison. This is done particularly where the experiences of migrants have been reportedly similar.2

During the 140 years of Madeiran Portuguese migration to the Anglophone Caribbean, a period lasting from 1835 to 1975, Portuguese and Luso-West Indians have remained a minority group within the wider host societies.   Continue reading

Iran nuclear talks: Rouhani vows to abide by deal + video

Iran nuclear talks: Rouhani vows to abide by deal – BBC News reports

Hassan Rouhani

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani

Iranian President Rouhani: “This is the first step”

Iran’s president has vowed it will abide by the terms of the preliminary nuclear agreement it signed with six world powers, so long as they do too.

“The world must know that we do not intend to cheat,” Hassan Rouhani said in a televised address to the nation.

But Mr Rouhani warned that Iran would have other options if world powers “one day decide to follow a different path”.

The framework deal signed on Thursday April 2, will see Iran curb nuclear activities in return for relief from sanctions.   Continue reading

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