What I learned about politicians and government growing up in Guyana

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Assassination of Courtney Crum-Ewing - Guyana - March 2015

Assassination of Courtney Crum-Ewing – Guyana – March 10, 2015
Photo Credit: Kaieteur News

On March 10, 2015, Courtney Crum-Ewing was gunned down during his one-man crusade in his neighborhood, calling on residents with a bullhorn to vote out the current government in the upcoming May elections.

Growing up in Guyana during our struggle for independence from Britain and over subsequent years under an authoritarian government, I was not surprised by this brutal act against an unarmed, political activist. One of the advantages of growing up in the administrative capital of a small developing nation was the opportunity to get a close up view of politicians and government in action.

At a young age, I learned that the government was not some entity separate from we-the-people, but rather an integral and vital part of our daily lives. When a government is efficient and effective in executing its diverse functions, no…

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  • gigi  On 03/24/2015 at 11:37 pm

    Coalition govts work in countries where race isn’t use to get votes. In Guyana where the coalition party is formed between two despicable and corrupt entities in hopes of garnering a majority to win, how can this coalition be the lesser of the two evils or even better? Life under the PNC/APNU is the reason why:
    1) so many Guyanese were forced to flee Guyana to live as second class citizens in often hostile anti-immigrant environments.
    2) so many Guyanese are the poor in these countries yet better off than they were in Guyana.
    3) these Guyanese are forced to swallow their pride and dignity to work menial, dead-end jobs that they would not have done or have to do in Guyana.Keep in mind that it’s the middle class who migrate, not the poor who can’t afford to or the very rich who is made up of the ruling elite.
    4) these Guyanese had to make the heartbreaking decision to be apart from loved ones in order to give them a better life, too.

    Please, tell me how is voting for this coalition a better choice? Considering the disaster the PNC wreck upon this country, I am amazed that the PPP/C govt has made such great strides! Some in the Guyanese media are so brainwashed and enamored with western tvee and western influence peddling by well-placed sources, that they constantly criticize Guyana for not being like these countries. I have news for you, you DON’T WANT GUYANA TO BECOME LIKE THESE COUNTRIES. And if you spend time reading alternative media instead of swallowing the drivel being peddled by your sources of information, you will see that it’s western influence and meddling that’s responsible for ALL that is wrong with Guyana’s society. Be careful what you wish for, again.

    Interesting articles from Zero Hedge.

    “This is how Orwell and Kafka do America: each absurd justification for stealing private property is more outrageous than the next.

    But wait–there’s More! That bastion of liberal politics, the state of California, a state completely dominated by Democrats claiming the cherished mantle of Progressive, is undoubtedly the most rapacious, thieving, Kafkaesque government in any nation claiming to be a democracy.”


    “If you could live anywhere in America during the tumultuous years ahead, where would it be? This is a topic that is hotly debated, and the truth is that there is not a single right answer. If you have a very strong family support system where you are, it might not be right to try to move 2000 miles away and start a new life from scratch. And for many Americans, moving is out of the question in the short-term because they are completely and totally dependent on employment in their local areas. But in recent years we have seen an increasing number of Americans strategically relocate to another region of the country. They can see our society breaking down and they can see the storm clouds on the horizon and they want to do what they can to prepare themselves and their families for what is ahead. So is there a “best place to live” in the United States? Are there some areas that are preferable to others? The following are 9 maps to consider…”

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