Cricket World Cup, 4th Quarter-Final: New Zealand wins vs West Indies

ICC Cricket World Cup, 4th Quarter-Final: New Zealand v West Indies at Wellington, Mar 21, 2015

New Zealand 393/6 (50.0 ov)   Martin Guptill 237
West Indies 250 (30.3 ov)     Chris Gayle 61
New Zealand won by 143 runs

It’s cold in Wellington, but the crowd stayed back to listen to Brendon McCullum speak, cheering him on at every answer. Whether it was about the crowd, whether it was about that special catch from Vettori, and howling in affirmative when McCullum was asked if this was the greatest New Zealand side ever. They have been the most joyful side to cover this World Cup. Now they enter the stage where they have stumbled so many times. Their match against South Africa – who have had their own stumbles – promises to be one for the ages. I just can’t wait for it. We will see you on Tuesday with that. This is Sidharth Monga, leaving you with this beautiful statement from McCullum: “We are having the best times of our lives.” 

“The innings we witnessed is probably one of the best we have ever seen in this format,” says Brendon McCullum. “Sublime. Just sublime. I will never forget it. Everybody here the same. The way the team is structured allows me a bit of license at the start. Some days it comes off, some days it doesn’t, but that’s the way it is. We need to play aggressive cricket to compete with the world’s best sides, and I am sure the crowd is enjoying the way we are playing.

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