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Mixed predictions about coalition’s chances of winning elections

Mixed predictions about coalition’s chances of winning elections

Sunday, 15 February 2015 19:12- Written by   – CMD


Presidential Candidate, David Granger and his running mate, Moses Nagamootoo flanked by top officials of APNU and AFC at a joint news conference to announce their Valentine’s Day deal called the “Cummingsburg Accord”.

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Caribbean Energy Security: When? At what cost?

Three Worlds One Vision

Caribbean Energy Security Summit - Washington DC, USA - January 2015Caribbean Energy Security Summit – Washington D.C. – USA
January 26-27, 2015
Photo Credit: Caribbean News

Global oil prices rise and fall for all kinds of reasons. Credit or blame for the current fall goes to increased shale oil production, led by the United States. Contrary to what one would imagine, for small developing nations like Guyana and other member states of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) that depend on oil imports to fuel their economies, the current low price is cause for concern.

Guyana, together with nine other members of the Caribbean Community, buys oil from Venezuela, South America’s largest oil producer. Under the PetroCaribe preferential payment program, members pay from 40 to 60 percent of the invoice value in cash upfront. The balance can be converted to a 25-year loan with interest rates from 1 to 4 percent.

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Analysis of Maya Angelou’s Awaking in New York Poem

Poetic Parfait

New York of the famous Awakening in New York poem Times Square in New York, the City of Maya Angelou’s poem.

The poem “Awakening in New York” was written by Maya Angelou. She has been a personal hero to me, and I wrote a tribute to Maya after she passed away May 28, 2014 that you may remember. Her writing resonates within me, and that is why I enjoy reading and rereading poems written by her. The poem “Awakening in New York” is one example.

At the surface level, this poem is about waking up in the morning somewhere within the city of New York. However, there are deeper concepts to explore, such as the emotions felt by the narrator toward his or her self and the city. “Awaking in New York” (find the full text here at the Poetry Foundation) is told in the first-person narrative of “I.” It is never explained to the reader within the poem whether “I” is a male or female.

The imagery…

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Guyana: Cash jet pilot opts out of trial, settles for plea deal

Cash jet pilot opts out of trial, settles for plea deal

February 15, 2015 | By |

Embattled Guyanese pilot, Khamraj Lall, who was spectacularly busted with over US$600,000 in undeclared cash on board his jet by Puerto Rico authorities in November, is buckling under pressure and seems all set to make a plea deal.

Plea deal: Captain Khamraj Lall

Capt. Khamraj Lall

In applications filed Friday for the February 23 trial date to be postponed, Lall’s lawyer, Rafael Lang, disclosed that a plea bargain is being actively pursued but additional time of one month is needed.

The Defence is asking permission for the matter to be transferred from Puerto Rico to New Jersey for purposes of plea and sentencing.

It is unlikely that Lall will even be going to trial because of the plea bargain proceedings that will be pursued. Continue reading

The APNU/AFC coalition is both a breakthrough and a gamble

The APNU/AFC coalition is both a breakthrough and a gamble

Dr. David Hinds

Dr. David Hinds

Sunday, 15 February 2015  – by Dr. David Hinds

Although I remain skeptical about the coalition strategy, I do welcome the compact between the two parties as a reflection of a hitherto elusive political maturity on the part of the leaderships of the APNU and the AFC. The leaderships of the APNU and the AFC should be commended for this brave step, in particular the AFC for conceding the top spot.

It clearly took a lot give and take to arrive at the pact. From the attempt of the Patriotic Coalition for Democracy (PCD) in the run- up to the 1992 elections to the formation of the APNU prior to the 2011 election, the formation of a broad anti-incumbent pact had proved elusive. The breakthrough this time around seems to have been driven by a combination of intense pressure from the followers of the opposition parties, some degree of enlightened leadership, the absolute inflexibility of the current PPP and the prospect its consequent vulnerability within its traditional constituency.
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APNU, AFC reveal details of coalition pact; no decision on name, symbol

APNU, AFC reveal details of coalition pact; no decision on name, symbol

Saturday, 14 February 2015  – Written by   – CND

David Granger and Moses Nagamootoo

David Granger and Moses Nagamootoo

Two primary schoolmates, who later went on to be on the different sides of the political divide, on Saturday evening- Valentine’s – embraced each other to be presidential and prime ministerial candidates in a 60-40 coalition between A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) and the Alliance For Change (AFC).

APNU’s David Granger– the presidential candidate- and AFC’s Moses Nagamootoo– the prime ministerial candidate- were flanked by top officials of their political organisations to announce the deal them fielding a joint slate and together financing the campaign.    Continue reading

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