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Guyana: Govt. further delays dissolution of Parliament

Govt. further delays dissolution of Parliament

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Despite previous announcements—by Head of the Presidential, Dr. Roger Luncheon—that President Donald Ramotar would have dissolved Parliament at least by February 9, Parliament remains prorogued.

President  Donald Ramotar

President Donald Ramotar

When contacted last evening, President Ramotar acknowledged that Dr. Luncheon “may have” made this announcement, but noted that what Luncheon said obviously did not materialize.

The President is now giving himself up to month end to dissolve the Parliament he prorogued three months ago. He told this publication that he will surely dissolve Parliament before the end of this month, in keeping with the specified period to ensure that elections are held on May 11.

Ramotar however did not commit to a specific date, neither did he say why he made the decision to delay dissolution. Continue reading

Climate Disruption: Thought of the Week – By Rosaliene Bacchus

Three Worlds One Vision

Global Average Temperature Anomaly 1850-2014Warming Trends Continue in 2014
Photo Credit: World Meteorological Organization

“Fourteen of the fifteen hottest years have all been this century. We expect global warming to continue, given that rising levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and the increasing heat content of the oceans are committing us to a warmer future.”

~ Secretary-General Michel Jarraud, World Meteorological Organization, Geneva, February 2, 2015

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