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Guyana Election Watch: I am merely stating the obvious …. By Dr. David Hinds

Guyana Election Watch: I am merely stating the obvious that some conveniently or tactically ignore.

Dr. David Hinds

Dr. David Hinds

By Dr. David Hinds

My letter, “After 23 years African Guyanese are being asked to vote for an Indian Guyanese Presidency,” (< click), published in the January 27 edition of the Stabroek News, has drawn varied responses from several quarters. This is to be expected. The central issue I raised in the letter has been and will continue to be the proverbial elephant in the room that most analysts, commentators and politicians tend to avoid like the plague. In such circumstances he or she who dares to raise the matter of race not in the bottom houses or in the privacy of like company, but in the open space and in a direct way, is bound to be maligned. It is a punishment I have long resigned myself to.

In this particular case I am confronting a seemingly growing mindset that has been shaped by the arrogant and heartless governance of the PPP. The PPP seems to have excited a deep feeling of popular alienation and frustration which manifests itself in a politics of expediency, “short-cut” and zero-sum horse racing, particularly among our elites.

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“Obscure Life” – Poem by Black Brazilian Poet João da Cruz e Sousa

Three Worlds One Vision

Black Lives MatterPhoto Credit: Black Lives Matter

In honor of Black History Month in the United States, my Poetry Corner February 2015features the poem “Vida Obscura” (Obscure Life) by Brazil’s greatest black poet João da Cruz e Sousa (1861-1898).

Born in the Southern State of Santa Catarina, Cruz e Sousa was the son of freed slaves. (Not until 1888 was slavery totally abolished in Brazil.) When their former slave owners adopted and gave João da Cruz their surname Sousa, it became both a blessing and a curse for the child named after Saint John of the Cross.

After he revealed great intellectual aptitude, they enrolled ten-year-old João de Cruz in the Liceu Provincial where he spent the next five years studying French, English, Latin, Greek, mathematics, and the Natural Sciences.

Exposed to higher education and Brazilian white society, Cruz e Sousa assumed he could enjoy the same dignity and…

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Guyana: The critical Muslim vote: Race and democracy – commentary

Guyana: The critical Muslim vote: Race and democracy
Published on January 31, 2015 – Caribbean News Now
By Ray Chickrie and Shabnam AlliThe Muslim minority of Sri Lanka’s electoral power was instrumental in the removal of the autocratic government of President Mahinda Rajapaksa who was accused of human rights abuse, intimidation of the press and disregard for minority rights in that country. With the announcement of Guyana’s poll on May 11, Guyana’s strong Muslim minority should take a lesson from what happened in Sri Lanka and vote their conscience instead of race and take stock of their social, economic and political space in Guyana.

Raymond Chickrie

They should know that Guyana will not always be governed by the Hindu Indian dominated Peoples Progressive Party (PPP). The Indian electorate of Guyana is dwindling due to mass migration. As well, more and more young Guyanese are not yoked to the ethnic voting pattern, nor do they subscribe to the one sided narrative of the Burnham era. Further, Guyanese are assimilating more now. Two young Guyanese tourists I met in Suriname some weeks ago remarked, “We don’t recall Burnham’s rule; let’s talk about the PPP who has been running the country since 1992.”
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Guyanese Online – Most Popular Entries – January 2015

Guyanese Online – Most Popular Entries -Top 20 – January 2015

Views: January 2015 = 145,455 (record) – Total at Jan 31 = 2,879,132

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