Failed govt. projects show poor planning, waste of tax $$$ – AFC’s Nagamootoo

Failed govt. projects show poor planning, waste of tax $$$ – AFC’s Nagamootoo

AFC Vice Chairman, Moses Nagamootoo

AFC Vice Chairman, Moses Nagamootoo

January 19, 2015 | By | Filed Under News

Catastrophic ventures such as the Amaila Falls hydro project, the airport expansion project, the specialty hospital, Marriot Hotel, the fibre-optic cable project, the Solid Waste Management project, the Hope Canal project and the Skeldon Sugar Factory were highlighted by long time politician Moses Nagamootoo as he sought to drive home his point that the government “has failed us.”

He pointed to “the mess we see with the East Bank and East Coast four lane roads”  as tangible evidence of poor integrated and strategic planning and said that the PPP’s “Rhodes scholars” have clearly failed Guyana at a time when the country’s public debt would have topped the $400 Billion Guyana dollar mark. (US 2Billion)

The Alliance For Change (AFC) Member of Parliament was at the time speaking about government’s failure in the sense of wasting taxpayers’ money on botched projects as a result of poor planning and “fly-by-night” ideas. [Read more]

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  • Frank Ferreira  On January 20, 2015 at 10:47 am

    I hear you Mr Nagamootoo and although I do agree totally Sir like most voters I am not convinced the AFC really is about total real change as they would like the voters to think – through your words messaging. Unfortunately again like the voters I think the AFC is about exchange (one nonsense for the other)

    Considering Guyana is one of the poorest nation in the world
    with the majority of its citizens disgracefully still impoverish; poor and
    destitute after 40 years plus of independence (this now a disgraceful chronic joke in other west Indian islands I visit and read of t) – which is also a total disgrace – this chronic joke!

    My simply question sir is – What is the AFC definitive plan to lift its poor and destitute citizens out of their disgraceful poverty status within a logical time frame – to an improved standard of living?

    You see sir, for a while – I was most interested in your party, and yes very enchanted about and with the idea of real change for Guyana. However after a while your party lost my interest and I became very disenchanted with your organisation. Further you see sir – I realized that your party did not see change for Guyana the way I see it. There was a lack of real revolutionary thought about, and for the poor and destitute. In fact a total dis interest to talk their language or really relate in a sincere way to their everyday challenge of being economically challenged.

    In fact your party’s platform (although it did include a few interesting thoughts) offered no revolutionary thoughts to capture and hold voters’ attention = making them want to change the way they think about their voting habit.

    Sir this does make for logical thinking – as you see if your party has no revolutionary thought to offer to back real change; further if that change cannot be related to by the poor and destitute voter in a way they can relate, understand and accept. To them like me, it would be only an exchange. One that will continue a similar game of name blaming – with little or no responsibility or accountability to revolutionize Guyanese and Guyana into a respectful world status – within a logical time frame.

    Yes I am indeed still remain interested in having Guyana and my fellow Guyanese experience the euphoric (ness) of real change; one that focuses on the poverty challenges of the majority and focuses on their needs for affordable housing, quality affordable education, quality affordable medical care, affordable quality food, and of course affordable clothing. This I was told is not possible to think of immediately but will come in time. I guessed after the other priorities fell into to place.

    Sir with all due respect – you had the cart before the horse and still do. The majority of Guyanese voters (who holds the real power) might be poor and impoverish but do not lack human intelligence; yes they still have the ability to really understand a message. This was demonstrated at the polls resulting in your party poor performance.

    Yes I still do seek to encounter and get connected with others whose interest is to bring long term – REAL CHANGE to Guyana. One via real, honest, respectful, affordable, deliverable revolutionary logical thought and create a platform with talking language which will grab and maintain voters’ attention; causing them to want to believe while also enticing them to want to change – their current voting habit.

    With respectful and sincere intentions. Frank Ferreira

    • sirenagx  On January 23, 2015 at 3:43 pm

      I agree whole heartlly that poor planning, managing and transparency is a bassic weakness of the Guyana government. Too soon to call all of the projects af ailure or waste of money. Competency and accountability, mixed with a sense of believing only they knowi what is best for Guyana blinds them to problems within government and polices.There have been almost no evidence that the opposition can do any better than the PPP, based on how they have used or not used whatever power they had in parliiament and its committees. They know how to say NO, but not maybe, if this is done or changed for support. The Marriott and a total airport expansion may be a little premature based on visitors and availabe finances, but once loans were accepted, we needed to ensure that we get our monies worth without corruption and incompetence. The speciality hospital could be an income source and medical benefit to locals and add to incoming visitors, if succesfull. Where did the opposition try to propose changes instead of opposing projects? A constructive opposition is needed for good governance. Just saying. Bye the bye, related to Victor & Neville Ferreira? .

  • Cliff  On January 20, 2015 at 5:00 pm

    Mr Moses Nagamootoo is an eccentric old man. His article shows that he is an idiot and not worthy for a reply.

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