Americide – the treatment of African-Americans

Americide – the treatment of African-Americans


The most egregious example of “Americide” is our country’s treatment of African-Americans. It’s exhibited in the many profitable corporations—manufacturers, banks, insurance, railroad—that had their roots in slavery.  Published: January 18, 2015 | Authors: | NationofChange | Op-Ed

America is gradually, but unrelentingly, destroying part of itself. The facts to support this are well-documented, told in many ways from past to present.

The most egregious example of Americide is our country’s treatment of African-Americans. Almost everyone agrees about the evils of slavery, once dismissed simply as a Peculiar Institution. But a debate goes on about reparations, with passionate arguments on both sides, ranging from a demand for a Reparations Superfund for jobs and education, to a claim that blacks actually benefited from slavery because of the years of ‘reparations’ received through poverty programs. 

Reparations opponents insist that there is no clear modern connection to the era of slavery. But there is a connection, and it’s exhibited in the many profitable corporations — manufacturers, banks, insurance, railroad — that had their roots in slavery. [Read more]

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  • Mercyan Bruce  On 01/20/2015 at 5:08 am

    We need to be mindful of how this is playing out in Guyana also. Life is no better for blacks in Guyana.

  • Rosaliene Bacchus  On 01/20/2015 at 12:47 pm

    Cyril, thanks for sharing this article.

  • Ron. Persaud  On 01/20/2015 at 6:37 pm

    “Life is no better for blacks in Guyana.”
    From what I hear and read, one can substitute “the ninety nine percent” for “blacks” in the statement … and it will be just as accurate.

  • gigi  On 01/24/2015 at 12:21 pm

    “American Corporations Are Partly Responsible for WW2 Slave Labor
    Slave labor in the Nazi years generated massive profits for many of our most prominent corporations.”

    Nice to read that non blacks were also slaves even as the article deliberately omits America’s white slaves/white slaves IN America.

    “Median black household wealth went down by 33.7 percent from 2010 to 2013, while median white household wealth actually increased.”

    So Mr Hope and Change sold out his people and made them worse off to boot. Just like the PNC (US/UK backed) but some folks still refuse to see it. These very same folks, many of them either living in Guyana or living in marginalization in the US, UK, Canada, still remain faithfully supportive of the policies of these govts that are solely responsible for their marginalized existence. Leaves me scratching and shaking my head at their Jim Jones loyalty.

    Very interesting article worth reading:

    The Moment of Truth: African Americans’ Nonsensical Support for Barack Obama.
    “Only the delusional continue to believe that Barak Obama has been acting in the interests of African/black people. He does not even act in the interests of humanity. […] All it took was the combination of a brown face and a Democrat Party affiliation, and presto – they are now staunch supporters of war and imperialism. Even when that brown-faced Democrat commits acts of war on African nations they still support his actions. […]The US’s white elite must have a field day laughing at African/black people behind closed doors. They probably say things like, “Those negroes are so damn gullible. We put a brown-faced willing puppet on our system, label him a Democrat – and they still support him. They even continue to support him after he extolled Ronald Reagan. Ha ha ha!!! Barbara, please pass me a piece of that non-fair trade chocolate? Your blood-diamond ring from, West Africa, looks beautiful on you!””


    This is an excerpt from a paid subscription article to Counterpunch so I cannot provide a link.

    Cracks in the Façade: Treachery of the Black Political Class By Margaret Kimberley

    […] Barack Obama’s election to the presidency created misdirected pride, approval of policies that were once anathema to a politically progressive group, and opportunity for the worst scoundrels to act. […]Black politics, that is to say the expression of black people’s group interests, was on life support for many years. The election of Barack Obama finally pulled the plug for good. Instead of activism and political demands, there now exists a coterie of well placed and well paid individuals. They give the appearance of supporting black interests when in fact they actively work against them. Across the country black people experience the very worst that the system has to offer. […]

    Money began the black political class betrayal. For these people, the liberation movement was less about freedom and resistance than it was about improving the lot of certain fortunate individuals. The door of opportunity swung open wide enough to allow a critical mass to position themselves in the right spots to earn money and favor. Assassinations, Cointelpro, opportunism and the beginnings of the prison industrial complex all took a toll on what should have been a system changing movement.[…] The rotten core of the black political class will remain. The allegiance to the Democratic Party and big money won’t change quickly. It is the people who have changed and who have decided to speak for themselves. […]

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