Dominican Republic Art – by Loca Gringa

Dominican Republic Art – by Loca Gringa

Originally posted on Loca Gringa:

dominican artThese paintings are a random sampling of some of the artwork sold in the Dominican Republic.  Everywhere you go, whether you are a tourist or a local paintings are for sale.  Of course some are mass produced and some are true treasures.  Enjoy!  I will periodically keep adding to the photos on this page as time goes on and new ones are discovered.

I would be remiss if I did not convey that this country has a wealth of talent.  There are so many gifted people here!

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  • de castro  On December 29, 2014 at 12:21 am

    Some of the most beautiful people of the carribean live in ‘hispanola’
    Some of the poorest people also ‘share’ the island with their neighbours.
    Have spent lots of time living with the ‘poor and rich’ in Dominican Republic
    but my experiences forced me to return many times.
    Culturally a ‘paradise’ ….not surprised to see such fine works of
    art eminatinng today. They are the most ‘loving/caring’ people i have
    met in my transgressions of the globe.
    Not ‘black’ or ‘white’ but ‘colourful’….inherited evolutionarily
    from the ‘interbreeding’ of their African/Hispanic/aboriginal
    ancestors…..guyana take note !😇
    Today it is one of the most ‘progressive’ of the carribbean islands.
    Yes it is ‘poor’ by western standards but it is also ‘proud’….USA
    their ‘giant’ neighbours may influence their future…..
    Fortunately or unfortunately …..economically/politically.🗽

    I salute the talent of its peoples.
    Looking forward to my next trip in ‘paradise’…
    Que Sera Sera

    • albert  On December 29, 2014 at 11:01 am

      Glad to read that about the country. Went there twice this year with cruise ships but did not go ashore. Will try to know the people better next time. Is it Dominican Republic govt who are denying citizenship to children born there of Haitian parents. Norman Girvan died trying to find a solution to this issue.

      • de castro  On December 29, 2014 at 3:30 pm

        There is an issue over granting of citizenship to Haitians
        or their decendants. Historically DR was a Spanish colony.
        Haiti was French. Most dominicans are of mixed blood….
        African Spanish and Aboriginal Indians. Their neighbours
        Haitians are mostly decendants of African slaves.
        Their is an element of racism and prejudice over their
        neighbours….who they consider as ‘poorer’ less educated.
        Many dominicans receive ‘pay cheques’ from their migrant
        families in USA….so most hope/dream of joining them in USA.

        Eventually DR may follow Puerto Rico and adopt the USD as
        their currency but with the right to ‘vote’ in US elections.
        £ = 70 pesos $ = 52 pesos. Pop 8 million but very progressive
        and ambitious people…poor but proud.!

        Of course their language is Spanish but most try to speak american
        or English. Culturally their food and music is fantastic…most enjoyable.
        One set back is their ‘drug’ and ‘gun’ culture….

        Some of my good friends live in the capital Santo Domingo…
        but the north and east coast has some very upmarket all inclusive resorts.
        Tourism is big but they also ‘feed themselves’ exporting excess to USA.

        Think I should be ‘writing’ ‘re-writing’ their history….Christopher
        Columbus was supposedly buried there….

        Que Sera Sera

  • Thinker  On December 29, 2014 at 9:27 am

    By the time they make it to the US they realise they are black.

  • de castro  On December 29, 2014 at 3:36 pm

    Depends where in america ? New York or Florida.!
    Most go to Miami as Spanish is more acceptable there.
    USA s second language is Spanish.

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