The Haiku Master by Takiko Morimoto

Three Worlds One Vision

The Haiku Master by Takiko MorimotoBook Cover of The Haiku Master by Takiko Morimoto

Some books touch our lives in unexpected ways, changing the way we look at life. The Haiku Master by Japanese American author, Takiko Morimoto, is one such book. Based on the life of Japan’s most famous poet in the Edo Period, Matsuo Basho (1644-1694), Morimoto’s historical novel brings to life the unrecorded early years that shaped his emergence as a haikai poet.

When we first meet Kinsaku (Basho’s birth name), he is thirteen years old with dreams of becoming a samurai warrior. In seventeenth-century Japan, with its strict class structure under the feudal lords, the young Kinsaku could never realize his dream. He’s the son of a poor farmer and former gunnery soldier.

On his father’s death, Kinsaku obtains work in the kitchen of the Iga Castle. Given the new name, Hanhichi (seven and half), his main duties are fetching water…

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