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Guyana: Capitol TV News videos – 24 November , 2014

Guyana: Capitol TV News videos – 24 November , 2014

  • Hicken apologises for “moral attire” statement after protests by anti-rape activists
  • Tax chief – Khurshid Sattaur.- bows out of case with Kaieteur News publisher
  • Activist embarrasses Agri-Minister Ramsammy at London High Commission
  • Police may appeal suspended sentence of drug dealer
  • Clement Rohee takes swipe at David Granger over delay in accepting Ramotar’s dialogue request
  • Cocaine in rum passes CJIA; intercepted in New York
  • Guyanese man in Toronto’s Eaton Centre shooting testifies
  • Sports

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Hicken apologises for “moral attire” statement after protests by anti-rape activists  Posted: 24 Nov 2014 01:09 PM PST   Continue reading

Guyana Floods – A monument to our protracted folly – commentary

A monument to our protracted folly

Bourda Market vendor - Nov 21, 2014

Bourda Market vendor – Nov 21, 2014

Last Thursday’s deluge (November 20, 2014) and the attendant filth and chaos which it visited on the capital are nothing unusual. For all the damage that it did flooding has become an occupational hazard of dwelling or working in Georgetown and its environs, so that we have learnt to accept such events without becoming overly melodramatic about the consequences.

Whenever it happens we re-state the sorry grim tale – the flooding of homes and the losses to residents and businesses, and inconveniences like the closure of schools and business places. Those too we tend not to dwell on. The media report on them then we move on.

What is worth reflecting on, however, is the context within which occurrences like last week’s flooding took place. There is, first, a seeming national resignation to an altogether remediable situation which, in itself, is a poignant comment on public confidence in those whose responsibility it is to salvage and upgrade our capital.  Continue reading

Guyana:Reducing Traffic Congestion – commentary


November 25, 2014 | By | Features / Columnists, Peeping Tom

As promised last week, I propose in this column to address the alternatives that are available to the government to reduce the parking problems in the city.
The approach of the government to this land many other problems has been to attempt to satisfy the demand for parking. This is an untenable approach towards the problem of parking in the city because it is impossible in such a cramped city to meet the present parking needs, much less to be able to satisfy future demand.

Vehicle traffic within the city has grown beyond the capacity of the city to absorb this volume of traffic. The city is not expanding. It remains a small city and instead of catering for traffic and zoning certain areas, there has been haphazard development, a situation compounded by bus and car parks being located in the heart of the city. Continue reading

Do Japanese women love white men only? – commentary

Do Japanese women love white men only?

November 25, 2014 | By |  Features / Columnists, Freddie Kissoon

Last week, Britain denied a visa to successful American “pick-up artist”, promoter Julian Blanc. A “pick- up artist” promoter is different from a pick-up artist. The latter practices the art of seducing women. The former runs a business teaching men how to do it. Blanc has a fairly well patronized service in the US. He tours the world holding seminars for pick-up artists.

In one of his videos, Blanc said that if you are a white male you can get any Japanese woman you want. The question is, does that surprise you? In Guyana, the Caucasian image dominates ninety eight percent of commercials in both the print and electronic media. I have a file that I keep permanently in my car.

It contains Caucasian images in advertisements in the print media and you would be surprised that those White faces appear in advertisements ranging from hospital service to the retail trade. In all types of placements in the media, whether it is the latest coffee, the newest bath soap, the latest medical equipment, the newest toothbrush, a recent pharmaceutical discovery, or a recent discovery in the use of a screw-driver, the person in the frame is a White human being. Continue reading

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