Dr. Juliet Emanuel – contributing to the community – By Dr Dhanpaul Narine

 PROFILE of the Week: Dr. Juliet Emanuel, Associate Professor, BMCC/CUNY.

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By Dr Dhanpaul Narine

Dr. Juliet Emanuel is a distinguished lady of letters. She attended some of the top schools and what is even more significant is that she has dedicated herself to sharing her knowledge with others. Juliet was born in Kitty in Georgetown, Guyana. Her mom was Mary Rosetta Douglas and her dad was Richard Douglas Joseph Emanuel from New Amsterdam. Juliet has a sister Shirley and a brother Richard.

Juliet attended school in Alberttown and later Kitty Methodist School. She was a bright student and after a stay at Tutorial High School she went to Bishop’s High School. Juliet loved literature but when she was at Tutorial one of her best subjects was geometry. Juliet was attracted to reading biographies and when she discovered Guyanese and Caribbean literature it was the beginning of a wonderful journey.

She said, ‘ with our own literature it was fascinating to see our stories being told with such realism.’ As far as Western literature was concerned Juliet excelled in the writings of Wordsworth, Byron, Faulkner, and of course Shakespeare. Most of the literature was British at the time but Juliet was to find a writer that captured the magic realism of the period. She was Jean Rhys who was born in Dominica. Juliet said that the story that amazed her was, ‘ the Wide Sargasso Sea because I could relate to it as it was a prequel to Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre.’ Juliet had the good fortune to teach at Tutorial after she graduated from Bishop’s. It was an enjoyable experience and she taught English Literature and Religious Knowledge.

Download PDF copy of article: Dr. Juliet Emanuel

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